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Biomass Energy Facts And Benefits

Biomass energy as the name signifies is renewable or alternate energy derived from natural resources.The natural resources like agricultural wastes, tree leaves falls etc.The types of renewable source of energy includes biomass, wind, solar, water and geothermal.Though the renewable energy has many merits, the uses are very limited.The prime problem is the machines are costly, low awareness among peoples and useful for specific field only.Some biomass energy facts: 1.Biomass elements include leaves, grass, husks, wood chips, sugarcane fiber, sewage and many more agricultural products.2.It is an alternate form of energy and available in huge amount around our society.Scientists are working hard to get more resourceful ways of using biomass energy as it has huge benefits compare to fossil fuels.3.Biomass energy produces almost no sulfur emissions, and helps mitigate acid rain.4.Biomass energy reduces global warming by minimizing atmospheric carbon.5.Providing additional revenues for the agricultural and forestry sectors.Advantages there is no doubt about the fact that the demand of renewable energy has been increased now days.However; the proper use of natural resources might not be visible at the time.It can be expected that after 20 years the uses of natural resources for the purpose of biomass energy will be increased to 100%.1.Environmental benefit: the burning of biomass residues like agricultural and forestry resources are the main cause for air pollution.Open burning always plays a negative role as it generates ample amount of smokes.It produces major amount of emissions of nitrogen oxides (nox), carbon monoxide (co), and hydrocarbons that contribute to the formation of atmospheric ozone.Although the biomass pellets or briquettes are being made from these residues hence; after burn of pellets there is no chance of air pollution.2.Social benefit the biomass energy is made of wastes and that's why it is know as most valuable renewable source of energy.Compare to other fuel energy the cost of the biomass energy is very low and can be affordable by any class of the society.It is very useful for cooking purposes as well as industrial broiler as it produces low smokes and keep the environment clean.3.Economic benefits the jobs will be naturally created and retained in rural areas if biomass system implement properly.This will really help the rural peoples to strengthen their economy.For biomass energy systems, it is estimated that nearly 15 to 20 person will get employment depend upon the capacity of that particular plant.It is also estimate that 100 jobs per year would be created for a 15 million gallon/year facility.More than 66,000 jobs are supported by the biomass producing industry.

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