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Braais Spice And All Things Nice

Summer is the time for fun in the sun: getting outdoors, catching a tan and making waves in the pool as well as amongst your family and friends with your insane braai skills.And in 2016, it's no longer acceptable to just chuck your chops on the open flame and hope for the best.You've got to give your meat a little tlc before and during the cooking process to garner the tender and delicious results you're looking for.So for your next get-together, why not shake things up? get out of your comfort zone and blow everyone's minds with your braai meat mastery by giving this simple yet effective diy spice rub recipe a whirl! keep in mind, however, that this recipe can be modified according to personal preference; so if you're not too crazy about a certain flavour, simply remove it from the mix.The ingredients all of the ingredients on the list can be found at your local supermarket.You will need: 30 grams salt 15 grams black pepper 15 grams paprika 15 grams garlic powder 15 grams coriander 15 grams cayenne pepper 15 grams cumin 15 grams cloves 15 grams nutmeg 15 grams of your favorite powder seasoning what you need to do first, you're going to crush or grind all of the larger ingredients using a pestle and mortar or a grinder of your choice.If you don't own any of these implements, a hammer will work too.You can crush the ingredients separately, or all together.Once your ingredients are finely crushed, put them into a container, close the lid and shake.This mixture of spices works well with all proteins: beef, lamb, chicken, fish and pork.Speaking of meat, the next step is to grab yours from the fridge, and apply your spice rub generously.You can include lemon juice into the mixture to create a paste if needed.The only thing left to do now, is to get the fire going, whip out your trusty tongs, braai your meat to perfection, and enjoy! other things to try if you would prefer to have different spice rubs for the different types of meat, then feel free to create custom batches: when braaiing chicken, you can exclude the nutmeg and cloves while including equal quantities of parsley and lemon pepper.For pork, try adding mustard powder to the mix.If you're going to be braaiing fish, then include more coriander and cumin.Lamb goes very well with basil and mint, so include those in the list of ingredients.And for beef, create a simple marinade by combining the original spice rub mixture with a barbeque sauce or beer of your choice.Whichever meat you choose, it's recommended that you apply your spice rubs and marinades at least half an hour to an hour before you braai to ensure that the meat absorbs the delicious flavours.And while your meat is cooking, add more of the spice rubs or marinades to keep the meat moist, tender and tasty! while there are no hard and fast rules to becoming a braai master, one thing is for sure: the more you experiment with and perfect your flavours, the better a braaier you will become!.

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