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Breakfast Recipes Using Eggs The Breakfast Of Champions

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.This is a well-known saying for a reason.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped.It kicks starts your metabolism and gives you the energy required to begin your day in good spirits.What is your favourite delicacy to have in the morning? i bet you are not going to exclaim 'cereal!' no, we all deserve something much more filling and flavoured than that in the morning! we are here to help you with some awesome breakfast recipes to try out.Soldier eggs i used to have egg with soldiers as a child, i just liked it because of the name.If you have kids this may be a good way to get them to have a hearty and healthy breakfast! simply put four eggs in a pan filled with boiling water.Cook over a lower heat for five minutes.Drain the pan.Slice the tops off and use a salt and pepper seasoning.Serve with crispy toast.Boiled egg: medium again, place four eggs in a pan of boiling water.Cook on a low heat - this time for eight minutes.Drain the pan, peel and halve.Add a herbed butter spice to the eggs and voila! - delicious! egg breaded make boiled eggs (medium, as per above).Peel and roll in fresh flour.Roll the beaten eggs in panko and fry in vegetable oil until they turn crisp.Another delicious breakfast of champions! scotch eggs make medium boiled eggs (again).Peel the shell and pack sausage around the egg, encasing it completely.Roll this in fresh flour and dip in beaten eggs.Again, shallow fry in vegetable oil and wait until crispy.Pickled egg make hard boiled eggs: this is done by placing eggs in a big pan.Cover the eggs with cool water (one inch or so) and simmer.Remove and set aside for 10 minutes.Peel these eggs and put them in a jar.Fill the jar with beet juice that is pickled.Place the jar in the fridge for a week.The ever popular deviled eggs make hard boiled eggs as per above.Cut them in half and take out the yolks.Mash this with a pickle relish (make sure this is sweet), add mayonnaise, mustard, egg seasoning and salt and pepper.Add in the whites and eat up!.

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