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Bricks Dealers In Bangalore

Bricks dealers are those individuals who buy bricks, molded rectangular blocks of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln until hard and used as a building and paving material, from a producer or distributor for wholesale and / or retail reselling.Bricks, the most vital elements of any constructional structure are essentially utilized as a part of most of the stone work development and they are arranged or stacked together, to form a definite shape or structure.These are further incorporated with mortar and cement mixture, to frame a permanent and solidified structural unit of the construction.The branded brick manufacturing companies adopt the accurate sop's in manufacturing of best quality bricks.Thus, it is critical to utilize those best quality bricks in construction of structures.Different types of constructions require different sizes, shapes and types of bricks.Some of the common types of bricks, are : mud - these are primarily composed of clay and soft mud.The raw materials are grounded and then mixed with fixed proportion of water which is then placed in steel moulds and given shape using hydraulic press.The bricks are further heated at a temperature of 950-1000°c to get high strength.Bull's trench kilns- this method of brick making is often used in our country.The whole process in carried out manually.Rail kilns- rail kilns are prepared in a constant moving fire tunnel kiln.The bricks move through this kiln by means of rails or conveyor belts.The major composition of these bricks are ash, lime and organic matter.Dry pressed - in this method, the clay mixture is comparatively thicker than mud brick.The mixture is further dry presses at a high temperature, to obtain accurate shape and structure.Extrude- in this type, the composition of the mixture constitutes of clay (65-70%), water (20-25%) which is then passed through a die to get a hard structure of definite width and depth.The structure is then cut into shapes of bricks which are more hard, dense and porous and used for construction.Calcium silicate bricks- the major constituents of these bricks comprises of lime, quartz, flint and colorants.The materials are mixed in definite proportion and left for some time to hydrate and then is presses into shaped molds and kept in autoclaves for chemical heating.Concrete - these are made from cement and sand aggregates mixed using a conveyor belt mechanism.A definite amount of the mixture is poured by means of the rotating conveyor belt thus, is vibrated to remove extra moisture.The mixture is then heated at optimum temperature to obtain concrete bricks.Civilfloor.Com features the profiles of all the bricks dealers in and around bangalore.They are sss bricks, quality tiles depot, etc; brick dealers in bangalore.Get phone numbers, addresses, best deals,live tours, virtual reality, 360 degree view, latest reviews & ratings and more for brick dealers-bangalore at civilfloor.

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