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Briquette Plant Technology Conversion Of Biomass To Fuel

Nowadays, biomass have become one of the most commonly used renewable and pollution free source of energy.It also used in hydro power for electricity generation.The biomass is such a widely utilized source of energy because of its low cost and indigenous nature.So, the biomass accounts for almost 15% of the world's total energy supply and as much as 35% in developing countries, mostly for heating and cooking.Hence, the briquette plant makes the use of this biomass to gain total renewable resource for future saving.The white coal briquette is the best substitute of all the fuels like wood, natural gas, lignite and black coal.Due to the high density and high calorific energy presents in the bio fuel briquette, it can be used without any doubt in the industries in place of black coal.The briquette press machine processes all kinds of the agro-forestry waste and produce the green energy fuel briquettes.This briquette machine does not require any additional component as a binder to bind the raw materials.It also does not produce any harmful gases like co2, sulfur etc.While manufacturing.Hence, the biomass briquette machines produce renewable energy resource using eco-friendly technology that makes briquette only with high pressure and temperature without making loud noise.We can say that the biomass briquette plant is used for energy production as well as to save our global environment.Due to these splendid features, many developing countries want to establish the briquette plant in order to save the natural resources.The demand of the bio fuel is also increasing day-to-day because of rising the conventional fuel cost and shortage of the fossil fuels.The agro-waste briquettes have many advantages are as follows: highly combustible fuel low ash content high burning efficiency nature friendliness consistent quality low moisture content trouble-free handling, storage & transportation extremely low sulfur content uniform volume and size pollution free & nature friendly renewable energy fuel high thermal calorific content the briquettes are more suitable for heat and energy generation in any industry as compared to coal because they offer high burning efficiency.Therefore, use the briquette plant for bio-energy generation which helps in reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide from the air.In other words, we can say that the briquetting plant manufacturer plays an important role in saving our precious environment and natural resources.

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