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Briquettig Machine And Its Advantage

Manufacturing of briquettes is the most accepted and trustworthy use of waste material coming out of industries.India is a big country that has been developed but due to some pollution related issues are hurdle for the growth of the economy.So briquetting machine through we can reduce the ratio pollution.Just after the independence there has been a very less number of industries.And now industries are increasing but along with pollution also increase due to its smoke.Slowly and steadily technological advancement comes into existence and briquetting plant manufacturer present the new technology to make briquettes which are eco-friendly and give more output of briquettes within a short time.To make briquettes is not a hard process , industrial waste, agricultural waste and residues collected and compressed under high pressure without using the substance.That is why it is known as binder less technology.So briquetting machine through we can change the environment cycle and create a green earth.Industrial pollution has become a key problem ahead.Almost all the industries bring out some kind of waste material after production.This squander material actually causes pollution when burnt loosely or dumped into the seas or rivers.So it's cause land and river pollution.To defend the environment from the hazardous effects, there has been adopted several measures.These measures include treating the waste in an environment friendly or natural way.The above mentioned are the advantages of briquetting plant so we should not forget to list out demerits of black coal.Carcinogenic effects: as black coal is also used in cooking especially in village area so it cause cancer.Cost: black coal is more expensive than briquettes because black coal is not available easily.High calorific value: black coal contains a high caloric value so its burning efficiency is high and due to its smoke environment polluted.The waste is not only treated as waste but we should use it optimally with briquetting machine.As it converts waste into briquettes so we can save the money.One thing is clear from this fact and that is an industrialist if set up a biomass briquetting plant, biomass briquetting machine or any other briquetting machine, can also receive revenue even from the waste material along with the manufactured product.And one important thing is that this machine is fully automated so only one person can make briquettes.So we can avoid the supervision cost.

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