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Briquetting Of Biomass The Energy Efficient Fuel

The renewable sources of energy are synthesized from the nature like wind, sun and biomass wastes.They lower the amount of greenhouse gas and the geo-political ramifications are also of interest particularly from the industrialized economy.On the other hand bio-fuel is a kind of fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation.Some of the bio-fuels include fuels that are derived from biomass conversions like liquid fuels, solid biomass and several kinds of biogas.Renewable fuel gives us a choice to go for low-cost, domestic and clean fuel.It is the option to escape the control that oil industry puts on our wallets.For example, briquetting of biomass make a critical difference in our economy.At the same time this renewable fuel acts as a strong and a reliable catalyst for growth.This creates jobs, promotes clean environment and keeps the progress going.The contribution of briquette machine exporters according to briquette press machine exporters, such kind of energy can produce fuel from biomass waste or agriculture stalks.The growing need of such kind of machines is due to shortage of fuels.The fossil fuels are finite sources of energy and create a polluted environment.Therefore to solve all kinds of energy and environmental crisis the biomass briquetting press machine is becoming an ideal source of energy.The briquetting machines are also known as briquetting press or simply briquetting plant.The technology is actually energy innovative technology which is self-sufficient to produce biomass energy from bio waste material.The agricultural wastes like jute waste, bagasse, coir pith, groundnut shell, saw dust, tea husk, rice husk, coffee husk etc are used as raw material and then fed into the biomass briquetting press.Therefore it is known as binderless technology which is also eco-friendly in nature.Today the briquetting technology is gaining a stronghold in many developing countries due to various kinds of technical constraints.They lack the knowledge to adapt the technology which is suitable for all kinds of local conditions.Various kinds of operational problems associated with the technology and quality raw material ensure the commercial success of this project.You can start by conserving wood which is a costly commodity in developing countries due to widespread destruction of forests.How briquetting is useful? the fuel production machines can only work if there is a source for renewable energy which can be grown and processed economically.Briquettes are used in various industries starting from brick making units, textile industry, food processing units, spinning mills, leather industry and others.Some of the benefits include decrease of carbon content, higher calorific value, saves 30-40% of boiler fuel cost.Environmentally the biomass briquettes produce less greenhouse gas.It can also be produced at home because it requires minimum raw materials.

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