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Build Your Own Homemade Ice Cream Machine

On a hot day in summer many people surely crave for ice-cream.Often after craving they run to stores to purchase it depending on desired flavors and quantity.Imagine the money lost on a daily basis for every purchase made of this product; wouldn't that be worthwhile if you make your own? well, the convenient way to make your particular ice-cream is to have your own ice cream maker.Homemade machine is a self-made ice cream maker machine efficiently designed to produce quantities of this product.It is available in varying designs and sizes depending on individual preference.They range from manual to electrical machines.Manual machines are relatively slow compared to electrical machines but they are cheap to operate because no electricity costs involved.They are all capable of producing quality cream but differ in method of operation.If you want to purchase a good ice cream machine,you can have a look in this article - http://www.Kitchenfolks.Com/best-ice-cream-maker-reviews/ has ice-cream makers reviews with buying guide.Manual machines: these machines are manually operated by hands for production.To design this machine you basically need two bowls, outer and inner.The outer bowl is filled with salt solution made of salt and ice.An ice cream mixture is poured into the frozen inner bowl where paddles will be turned manually by hand in specific time intervals to stir the mixture.It is important to continue stirring the mixture to avoid the emergence of ice crystals in the bowl.Those paddles have to be turned until the cream is fully made and a flavor made.One can use hand rill or power drill as paddles in the machine.Electrical machines: there are different types of electrical machines available.However, these machines only differ with manual machines by the way cooling is done and by the rate at which ice cream is made.They each has an electric motor to turn either the bowl or the paddle automatically mixing and stirring the mixture in the bowl.The paddles will rotate and automatically stop when the mixture has been cooked sufficiently.Some have two walls and therefore freezing solution is poured in between and others have a built-in freezer.No pre-freezing required in these types of machines.The inconvenience with these machines is that the mixture takes long to cool compared to a frozen bowl used.With a well-designed homemade machine, you can make many quantities of ice cream in flavors of your choice.Furthermore, having achieved the design, you can remarkable save on the cost of purchasing.In addition, you can make ice cream for selling and with that in mind create your home business.

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