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Burning Free Brick Machine Installation

1.Brick machine installation location burning-free brick machine installation layout should be based on production sites, product process requirements to determine, in principle, required back-mixing on the material, sent board, the host forming, sending bricks, conservation, and pallet flow interference from each other, the proposed installation of the foundation plan by row cloth.2.The main machine installation including the main machine frame, shaking table, hopper, model boxes and punch down and die and other components.Check the mechanical installation should be carefully whether the bumps during transport, damaged, lost or missing pieces of the relative position change.The main machine should be installed pre-cast foundation in place to install, configure, vibration isolation pads, locking bolt.Installation, application level strict leveling instrument (in the range of machine ground plane corner, diagonal high low ≤ 1mm), to ensure the quality of block molding machine.The hydraulic piping and electric control lines required to connect, the confirmation, which require users to connect electronic control electronic control box location based care through buried pipe lines, to avoid personal injury or shock control signal disorder.In turn start the power, close the switch, set to manual control console, open the oil pump, steering pump and check whether the anomaly, when the motor switch to normal, upper and lower buck to move the control head, sub head-oriented set of observations along the guide column is running no card balance resistance, pull rub, fever phenomenon, mold box and pressure head may not have collision, check with the gap is uniform, relative motion is smooth without abnormal friction.3.Sent to board plane to install debugging send trigger the same axis with the main frame, adjust the pad to send a pallet rack fit orbital plane, note sent with the shaking table board machine frame between the left side combination of 5-10mm gap, so as to avoid collision between vibration and debugging after a good position to promote the fixed rack plate.Skip back, raised his head pressure, die box, start sending trigger to send board, observe whether the card block pallets forward into the machine after the shaking table is correct place.Correct locking bolts after adjustment.Adjust the speed of advance and retreat to send board configuration throttle to achieve, must be sent with the brick adjustments meet the latter.Normal pre-production, test each batch of pallet size should match the size of deviations in the permitted range can be used.4.Sending brick installation get a good block and brick for forming pallet conveyor, conveyor belt speed can not be adjusted.Installation, its axis should be the same machine axis vibration table, vibration table surface height and the same height.In order to facilitate cleaning, and basic fixed without sending brick, start the machine in place to send bricks 2-3 plates, if the stable block and pallet conveying, no deviation can be used, the specific action time set by conveyor belt connection to send bricks to send board action action does not produce a smooth transition between the subject jumps hit, and just ok with brick pallets up to the circuit breakers taiwan.5.Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic linkage other ancillary equipment and manually installed after the adoption of automatic control of linkage should be empty, run the 5-10 board, observe the action, layout, spacing and indicator light shows the confirmation, debugging is completed.6.Pilot production and high degree of control block the concrete brick machine after installation, should be feeding trial production, a serious observation of the movement is accurate in place machinery.Check the quality of molding products, adjust the charge head stopper, forming a block height to the height required.

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