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Burning Free Brick Machine Maintenance

Burning-free brick machine powder 1.Burning-free brick machine generally more bad use of the environment, dust, mechanical wear and tear caused by the failure is more prominent, and the work of the main hydraulic components of the leakage inspection, replacement, lubrication of moving parts the nodes.In principle, similar to the level of maintenance requirements of construction machinery, please user production arrangement according to routine maintenance, maintenance.2.The lubricating requirements should be general machine lubrication lubrication, vibration box plus lubricant oil surface may be higher than under the eccentric rotary shaft end, grease with butter and a filling point of the class.3.Cylinder, valve block, valves, tubing, hydraulic parts, oil spills occur, should be used to replace oil seals, seals and other maintenance methods, or the whole replacement, to avoid ill to run.Oil pump and motor in operation to constantly hear, see, touch, unusual, must stop discharge.4.Using the defoaming and other additives, hydraulic oil and oil viscosity qualified, on time cleaning out the oil and return oil filter, oil filter at least once a year.Regular checks of the actual fuel tank, if necessary, supplement.5.Lower than 80 ℃ in order to ensure good hydraulic oil cooling, cooling system, water storage capacity of not less than 8m3, the cooling water flow of not less than 18m3 / h.Users choose the appropriate viscosity of cold hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil heating when the temperature is too low.6.Products, strictly control the vibration pressure of time, according to product requirements to adjust treating time, yield and quality in the best ratio between the sum, if necessary, adjust the feed rate or the number of balanced feed.And pay attention to whether the normal limit of each process, the screw is loose, timely detection of cases, should be shut down in time to adjust, discharge hazards.7.Do not use substandard pallets to avoid damage to the machine jamming.Always check whether the clean pallets and found that bond block material must be sent to shovel out machine pallet library.Pallet warehouse pallet placed the number of mouth is limited to flat, too much is very likely to get stacked plate cylinder of others, overload damage.Class, which are completed, you must die box, pressure head and other parts of the concrete brick machine left the concrete mixing materials to clean up.Replacement of mold material to be adjusted each rail car, support surface, adjust the end, we must adjust the points one by one lock, check the size and components related to sports location, fixed close to the switch, must be by manually - interaction - the pre-production process, to verify the dimensions, and expel possible errors.

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