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Cautions When Using Hammer Crusher

When the crusher is working, while suddenly the crusher stop working without knowing any reason.For the operator, if you know nothing of the performance of crusher, the crusher will easily power off unexpected.Customers should pay much attention to the evenness of feeding materials and the hardness of materials while crushing materials.If the material is too hard, customers should add another working process to crush material.The main factors which affects the working of crusher are the ip angle and number of revolutions in general conditions.In a certain scale, the capacity of crusher could increase by increasing the revolution of eccentric shaft, while the power consumption will increase.If the revolution is too high, there will be less time for discharge of crushed ore, and the crusher will be obstructed.The capacity will decrease, and the electric consumption will increase.It's much necessary for the crusher to have a most suitable revolution.The eccentric shaft, connect bar, mobile jaw plate; axis and plate are the main wearable parts of crusher.All of these wearing parts should be lubricated and change frequently.Since the hammer crusher continuously work under full load operation, the wear rate is much higher which bothers both customers and manufacturers.On one hand, you should make an item in the purchasing contract to make sure that there would be no metal in big limestone.Once it happens, the seller should take on a certain amount of liability for the lose.On the other hand, you should check the working state more frequently and stop it on time once there is irregular voice from metal material crunches each other.Besides, you could also take other measures such as add permanent magnetic or electric magnetic remover.And so on the professional crushers used in mining industry is consist of impact crushers ,jaw crushers, combined type crushers, roller-type crushers, baffle-type crushers and so on.Lower the rib plate of the hammer crushers and the appropriate height would be 50mm higher than grid section.Meanwhile the crushers should heat on the reinforcing plate side.The breakdown of the rib board is mainly characterized as the breakdown of the frame of the grid section which causes the grid section bending or breaking.The main reason for this situation is the rib plate of the hammer crushers are too high with less strength.Once the metals in the hammer crushers crushed onto the hammer.With the technology development, hammer crushers has been developed from normal hammer crushers through pc hammer crushers to pcz heavy-type hammer crushers.

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