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Celeste Ntuli Hilarious Brazen Unaffected And Shaking Up The South African Comedy Industry

Hilarious, unapologetic and entirely unaffected, loxion comedy series and blacks only comedy showcase alum celeste ntuli is shaking up the south african comedy industry.Ntuli's rise as a female stand-up comic, in an industry unequivocally dominated by her male counterparts, has not been as much meteoric has it has been exceptionally well-earned.An esteemed comedienne and actress, celeste ntuli first came to national attention after placing third overall on the second season of the hugely popular sabc1 reality competition series so you think you're funny! in 2009.Hailing from the town of empangeni in kwa-zulu natal, ntuli delivers original humour in her native zulu, covering topics ranging from politics to polygamy and everything in-between.Though her humour can also be self-deprecating, with anecdotes from her personal life frequently featuring in her skits, ntuli is confident and arresting on stage.The peculiarity of ntuli's success as a female stand-up comedian within a male dominated industry is not lost on her, and it is not by mere good fortune that she manages to shake things up in the industry-she duly and unabashedly maintains that she has earned the right to be treated the same as any other comedian on the circuit.Ntuli is passionate about women's rights in general, and she is not shy about speaking up about inequality in society and within the comedy industry itself.She does not tread the stage with a chip on her shoulder though; with wit and wily finesse, the comedienne manages to craft and deliver humour that women can relate to and that men sit up and pay attention to without feeling vilified.Ntuli is not afraid to tackle 'taboo' subjects or topics which some may deem 'inappropriate' for a woman to discuss in public in her sets-always to rapt attention and raucous laughter.From her humble, rural beginnings to performing at the south african comic's choice awards and being nominated in the 'flying solo' category at the self-same, ntuli maintains an innate sense of self-belief that continually propels her forward.With nine years of hard work in the industry under her belt, she has come a long way from her first stand-up performances - in churches to less than a hundred attendees at a time, to her current standing as one of south africa's premier comedians-and with fans spread throughout the country.In addition to her success at the south african comic's choice awards, ntuli released a dvd [titled seriously celeste] in 2011 and hosted and performed a sold-out one-woman show [titled home affairs 2] at the lyric theatre in johannesburg in 2015.She has also been a featured performer at the 99% zulu comedy show [also at the lyric theatre], the blacks only comedy showcase, the stand up zulu comedy show [at the durban playhouse] and soweto's loxion comedy series.With a full schedule of comedy series and festivals at which she will be headlining, and more television appearances in the pipeline, 2016 looks to be another busy year for the imitable and unstoppable celeste ntuli.

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