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Ceramic Ball Mill Makes Different In Mining

Mineral production line about ceramic powder is mainly consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier (grader, sorter), magnetic separator, flotation, enrichment machines (concentrator), dryers and so on.These equipments cooperate with rock feeder, hoister and conveyor.All of these equipments can be composed of a complete production line.This production line holes the specifications of high efficiency, low energy, high capacity, economical and reasonable, etc.Ceramic ball mill ceramic ball mill is mainly used for materials, mixing, grinding, the product fineness uniform, to save power.Can dry grinding can also be wet.It use different liner types in accordance with production needs, fineness of grinding operations relying on self-control of grinding time.Electric pass auto decompression machine to start, reduce the starting current, its structure is divided into the overall style and stand-alone.This product has a low investment and save energy than similar products, novel structure, simple operation, safe use, stable and reliable performance, suitable for mixing and grinding operation of general and special material.User could choose the proper type and line, media material based on the proportion of materials, hardness, and in accordance with production and other factors to consider the appropriate model and linings, media types, can be used in conjunction with the ore dressing equipment.Rotary dryers:http://www.China-hxjq.Com/p71.Html ball mill:http://www.Hx-china.Com/14.Html the traditional milling-devices used for this are the drum-ball-mills which are characterized as low energetic systems with a specific energy of 0.01-0.03 kw/1.The terminal size in dry milling condition refers to a diameter d = 15-20 jim, in wet milling condition d = 10 jam.Usually a long duration of the milling procedure of up to a few days is required; a real continuously processing is not considerable.Ceramic powders processing plant as the consolidation behavior of metallic and ceramic powders is considerably influenced by their particle size, there is a high potential for fine ceramic powders with a particle size of a few microns or less one micron which is required to improve the mechanical properties of products and/or facilitate following processing, e.G.A better fluidity of the powder by injection and thermal spray or a better sintering activity due to their large free surface with an elevated particle contact density.Another very interesting application is the ultrafine distribution of a ceramic hard-phase in a ceramic matrix in nanometer-scale.Always a dry milling process is in principle to be preferred as any fluid process control agent (pca), such as water or alcohol is required to break the milling intensity unnecessarily.

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