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Check Examination And Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher

Crusher has many different kinds.With so many devices, hammer crushing machines as infrastructure have a great impact on the project.Hammer rock crushing equipment must be commissioning after it is installed in order to avoid the shortcomings in the work process.Then, when the user receives the stone breaking machine should be checked, but which aspects we should mainly check? ensure that all loose bolts are tightened on a daily basis.If any bolt becomes loose it may create a more serious problem for you at a later stage due to the immense constant vibrations surging through the machine.The following bolts should be checked on a daily basis when carrying out maintenance: skid frame, all mounting bolts, main frame cheek plates, toggle plate tension bolts and many others.Lubrication is a very important step in maintaining the health and efficiency of your jaw type crusher.The labyrinth seals and bearings need to be greased as per the manufacturer's recommendation.Read your machine manuals thoroughly to ensure you are familiar with the greasing requirements.Greasing the bearings when they are still warm will assist with the flow of the greasing into the bearings.Always check the v-belts of your jaw breaking machine, namely in the crusher drive motor and the feeder drive motor.Re-tension the belts if necessary.Check the jaw crusher's closed side setting (css) daily as this will affect the production output.Also, make sure you keep an eye out for any cracks you may find on the toggle plates when performing this maintenance.This machine is relentless crushing machines that tirelessly and effortlessly perform hour after hour.However, a machine only runs and works as well as it is maintained.Maintenance should be performed when required and is a critical step in maintaining the throughput levels of your asset.The foundation drawing that the manufacturer supplied.Only mean the placement of crusher and motor.Users with reference to the drawings combined the actual situation to design the installation plans.Jaw crusher should be installed on concrete foundation, you should consider the discharge position when design.To reduce the vibration, in order to avoid the vibration that the crusher machine working produced effect the construction.Between the local and the concrete foundation you should embedded in hardwood base plate or other relief vibration material.In installation, the center of the motor and the rotor shaft should be ensured straight.The transmission of cone crusher is on the right of the machine.But its position can be changed according to the actual needs.Ore processing plant:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Html mobile crushing station:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/10.Html.

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