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Cheese In A Jar Think Again Make Your Very Own Cheese Sauce Quickly And Easily

When you host a party there are certain elements of the event that you cannot overlook.These include music, alcohol, and snacks.What is the most important snack to have for your guests? crisps and a delicious cheese sauce - you cannot go wrong with that! if you are a foodie like us, we understand your hesitation to purchase a readymade sauce.Thing is, making your own cheese sauce takes a lot of time.We have learned through extensive tasting and cheese spice tasting that the sauce you buy in a jar from the corner store is, well, not delicious at all.The lack of a great cheese sauce (readymade) is frustrating to say the least.We can, however, be grateful for the delicious spices available! so, we have spent some time trying to create our very own sauce - a cheese sauce that actually tastes amazing! keep your cheese sauce flavourful! during this intensive process we found out that there are, in fact, clever ways to add flavour to those standard jarred cheese sauces.If you add enough spice and flavours to the mix, you can make even the most tasteless of cheese sauces taste delicious.So stress no more! if you don't have enough time to create your own cheese sauce for the party you are throwing, (you have to invest a lot of time in this process, trust us) go down to the corner store and grab yourself that readymade cheese sauce and get flavourful! if you don't want to buy that jarred sauce then we also have a quick and easy way for you to create your own cheese dip.Just take a block of cheese, the cheese of your choice, a dash of cream and heat it up in a bowl.Do this by placing the bowl over a pot of simmering water.Once it has completely melted and become smooth (side note: this may take a while so be patient - we aren't miracle workers), throw in your extra ingredients.Great flavours to add to the mix include: chilli beef seasoning, cheese seasoning or peri-peri seasoning.If you are lucky enough to have your very own fondue pot, place your sauce in it to keep it warm.If not, you can also place it in a slow cooker.If you use a slow cooker to do this, make sure you keep it on a warm setting.This you can do throughout your event, ensuring that your guests always have delicious and warm cheese sauce on hand.

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