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China's Jaw Crusher Equipment The Future Development Direction And The Existing Problems

Jaw crusher was invented by the united states ew blake it already has been used 140 years in the history,since the first jaw crusher appeared in the world.In the process,it's structure was perfect.Because jaw crusher structure is simple, makeing easy, reliable and convenient operation and maintenance, so it was used in metallurgy, mining, building material, chemical, coal etc widely.Every domestic manufacturers of jaw crusher is very technical level one, the product of manufacturer of a few basic closer to the world advanced level, and most manufacturers of products and the world advanced level difference is bigger than.Domestic jaw crusher of general prep above heavy machine with specifications of the crusher abroad.Reduce machine is one of the important topic.Jaw crusher machine frame a large proportion of the quality of the whole machine (casting frame 50%, welding frame 30%).Foreign jaw crusher is welding jig, even move by welding structure and jaw.Jaw crusher welding frame is the development direction.Domestic jaw crusher frame structure design is not reasonable examples have many, the reason is not in the actual stress to decorate crusher reinforcement.Dynamic jaw structure design also answer with dynamic force as the basis, the jaws in meet the requirements of the strength, stiffness and tried to reduce the mass.In addition, should strengthen the frame, dynamic finite element research, jaw frame, dynamic finite element optimization design to the jaws frame, dynamic jaw light quality and high reliability.In addition, but also to determine reasonable parameters, crushing cavity, stone crusher power balance can auto-balance of calculation for the optimization design.In a word, should adopt the modern design method of conventional design method instead of the original, and gradually make the homemade stone crusher reached the world first-class level.When we have a choice for the crusher equipment, it is the most important to know what we will use this equipment to assume what tasks.In other words, the core of the broken equipment selection is to deal with what material.How big is the granularity of materials?how much we need to produce capacity? and what kind of products? it is varied the material which we need to deal with has variety, and each material has different features.Some of the material is easily broken, but some other material requires more broken energy; some materials will be broken into large cubes, and other materials will be broken into powder solution; some of the material is strong wear resistance, and other material cause the very small wear rate.In order to choice for a particular purpose crusher, we should need to understand what material to be broken.For example, when we know that a broken material is basalt or quartzite, this will be a big help, but the difference is very big between these materials.For the material of lab tests, we can avoid some unnecessary spending through some information.For example, the material of high wear resistance index, such as the brooding quartzite, we should not use impact crusher, because equipment maintenance costs is high to handle this kind of material, and we also need to spend a lot of time.For the materials with low power index,such as the dolomite, we don't need to use the super-heavy crusher.

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