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China Engineering Machinery Industry Rises Rapidly

Every two years,stone jaw crusher engineering machinery exhibition is a hero gathered, friends meet, show the house place.Reporters in the exhibition's most popular first morning met from the united states building equipment manufacturers association (aem) of the chinese representative.The exhibition is one of the original partner aem, its important chinese director is both organizer, and also caobanzhe,china mobile crusher should have been a very busy and rare.But this time, he is laughing to say to the reporter, the exhibition they end up a at leisure.Because almost no organization and contact, so in most important member unit not come to the point, they visit into a pure between colleagues of learning and visit.Indeed, world-class platoon guide caterpillar and case are not present,vibratory feeder including engineering machinery business already more than a third, its main but have rarely seen in similar exhibition of john deere appeared, not only still trail is hard to find, and the joint venture, the joint purchase of the some of the local enterprise did not see the figure, such as xuzhou xu dig.In the united states was born of the important exhibitors, only teleikesi appeared alone, the tall mechanical equipment, and china local enterprise of high enthusiasm and still confident of japan, south korea and other than asia enterprise, which not only embodies the consistent imposing manner, also with some how many lonely.Ore separating line the enterprise also obvious from europe see little.But the earth has always been a lack of local hero, your singing the stage "primary crushers.Even from the exhibition formally lifted the curtain of a two days before beginning, some grand opera has begun to the opening, from the show are constantly in new products display activities and news conference, to all kinds of appreciation and hupenghuanyou outside the party, many signs that for chinese enterprises in just experienced financial crisis seems as if it was in the past, the "winter" not too cold.Impact crusher for sale; line-height: 150%">according to industry association expects annual construction machinery industry will keep more than 12% growth, "in fact, the number is more conservative.I estimated at more than 15% no problem." an old experts said smile.More the good news isflotation machine, the industry's profits to a couple of percentage points higher than last year's, continue to realize positive growth.Engineering machinery industry in addition to loader export declined obviously, and other products performance are adequately, including popular excavator total annual sales approached 100000 taiwan mark, is striking is homebred brand of close to 30%, more than 30000 sets.Excavator products as china construction machinery industry in the heart of the long-term the pain of, seem to is slowly eliminate.Standing in the sunshine of beijing in autumn, before looking at lin lin always, manufacture good excavator exhibits, china excavator industry chenzhengli senior experts and smiling mr tells the story of a point of view: "i want to, domestic brand excavator in 4 ~ 5 years will occupy more than 50% market share to!" china construction machinery the industry to continue growth, the excavator, forklift, the rotating drill, crawler cranes, etc all kinds of crane, roller.Seem to have all the unconventional.Vibrating screen:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/linear-screen.Html cone crushers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cone-crusher.Html rock crushing plant:www.China-crusher.Com/stone-production-line.Html.

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