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China Machinery Industry A Fabulous Future

The machinery industry has a major bearing on china's manufacturing industry.Chinese machine builders are also enhancing their international participation through larger exports as well as a higher degree of internationalization.In 2004, china's machinery industry accounted for 17.0% and 10.6% respectively of national sales and exports.Rapid economic development in china has led to a corresponding increase in industrial machinery.In the near future, china will be an important player in the global industrial machinery marketplace.Now we just list some typical machinery field in china as belows.A.Construction machinery construction machinery is the largest customer of hydraulic products, which makes up about more than 40% of the total market volume of hydraulic products.The percentage shall further increase in the future.China is in an extensive developing and constructing period, thus the demand of construction machinery in the coming several decades will up, and china will be the largest market in the world.B.Agriculture machinery today china's agriculture is a new era of historical development.In a long period of time from now on, expanding operating scope, industrialized management, sustainable development, and scientific and technical innovation in agriculture shall be the four tendencies and driving forces.The development and adjustment of economic construction in agriculture requires higher level and larger scope of mechanization.Now mechanization has already developed from the traditional growing wheat to rice, maize, from traditional tillage to protecting tillage, from machine for producing grain crops to oil crops and cotton economic crops, from growing to livestock farming, aquatic products industry, fruit growing, garden farmland and manufacturing agriculture products etc.So there is a bright future of market for farm machinery.C.Metallurgical and mining equipment the total demand of steel in china reached 352 million tons in 2005.Therefore steel and iron industry shall speed up the adjustment of product structure.In the next 10?15 years, put stress on manufacturing flat plate steel, especially sheet steel and products with high additional value.State should enlarge the investment for them and make the degree of self-sufficiency of steel reach 90%.For this reason, china need to use advanced machines (such as recent energy-saving ball mill, ultra-fine raymond mill) to replace the backward machine (traditional jaw crusher), to realize continuous and automatic production with equipments in large scale, and upgrade the industry.Meanwhile china will give great impetus to process of group-collection for iron and steel industry, carry out technical reform of manufacturing process for large enterprises, make every effort to raise the utilization rate of steel by 10%?20%, take further steps to save energy by 15%?20%.Consequently, many new continuous casting machine and cold/hot rolling mill etc are needed.D.Environmental protection equipment in order to keep the development of economy, society and environment well coordinated, and make the ecological damages and environmental pollution well controlled, environmental quality and comprehensive utilization of resources are raised further, state will add the investment for ecological preservation and environmental protection.China is putting emphasis on developing: urban sewage and solid wastes disposal and comprehensive utilization equipment, urban and industrial noise control equipment and atmospheric pollution control equipment.Ball mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Htmlraymond mill:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_22.Htmljaw crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/1.Html.

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