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Choose Your New Cooling Fans

With the advancement in technology, modern computers do a wide array of tasks simultaneously.But for these multi tasking "modern machines" to function efficiently, it is essential to keep their temperature under check.Most of the computers these days come fitted with a cooling fan in the psu, but it is very advantageous to have an additional cooling fan near the cpu cooler.Doing this can increase the efficiency of your computer manifold.Also, to keep your computer's performance at the optimal level, you must periodically clean inside and around the cooling fan.Ideally, cooling fans need to be cleaned at least once a month to avoid the dust from building up n the fan, which can slow down or even clog your fan.To clean your cooling fans effectively and safely at the same time, you should use a small brush (even a painting brush would do) and a can of compressed air.The can is easily available at any of your nearest tech store.The can of compressed air helps loosen the dirt on the cooling fan, making it easier to brush it away.But while using the can, you should hold the can upright and make sure the blast of air from the can does not hamper the alignment of the cooling fan.The alignment of the cooling fan is vital to its correct functioning.To be on the safe side, always disconnect the cable before you even think about cleaning your fan and wear an anti electrostatic discharge wrist strap at all times while cleaning.The anti-electrostatic discharge wrist strap will keep you grounded and help you absorb any electric shock (chances of which are almost nil).Now if you are of the kind that hates dust and dusting, tech geeks have actually found a solution.Most of the new age computers come with a thermal protection which shuts down the computer in case of overheating.But i strongly suggest you must have a cooling fan if you want to increase the efficiency and life span of your computer.Also, while placing your computer in any room or corner, see to it that there is no wall or obstruction immediately behind the cpu.The cooling fans needs fresh air from the environment so that it can replace the hot air inside the cpu.Placing the cpu too close to a wall or obstruction would prevent the cooling fan from doing this.Remember, even a machine needs space to breathe.

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