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Choosing The Right Compressed Air Dryer For Your Industry

A compressed industrial air dryer is a must to prevent rust and condensate problems.It aids in removing water from your compressed air.A compressor sucks in 20 litres of air per second.Compressors remove moisture from the air, resulting in dryer.The four main types of compressed air dryers are refrigerated air dryers, chemical, desiccant and membrane.• refrigerated dryer: they work by cooling the air to low temperatures and condensing much of the water vapour.It is not possible to achieve dew points below freezing with a refrigerated dryer.• chemical dryers: these dryers use a process of passing the compressed air over beds of chemicals, typically calcium chloride and lithium chloride, which attract the water vapour.• desiccant dryers: these dryers pass the compressed air over a bed of desiccant material which absorbs water vapour molecules.When the bed capacity is nearly saturated, the flow is switched to a second bed of desiccant material.The first bed is then regenerated.• membrane dryers: these are specially formulated membrane micro tubes that are selectively permeable to water vapour.The micro tubes provide an excellent medium for producing dry air from standard compressed air.Keep the following points in mind while choosing a compressed dryer: do not over-specify.Drying the entire compressed air supply in a factory to dew point less than -40 is wasteful.It is more sensible to divide the compressed supply by application.Do not under-specify.Damage caused by wet air results in costly maintenance, downtime, and lost product.It's best to design a drying system to meet specific needs.A drying system that only contains an after cooler and a coalescing filter could create problems with condensation downstream from the aftercooler.Take advantage of the 'drying effect' of pressure reduction.For applications that use dryer at lower pressures than the main compressed line and that tolerate some water vapour, install filters or filter regulators at the point of use to maximize the "drying" effect of pressure reduction.For applications requiring flow rates over 100 scfm and dew points lower than -40°f/°c, a desiccant dryer should be used.Therefore, the above points should be kept in mind while selecting a compressed air dryer for your industry.

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