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Circle Vibrating Screen Cutting And Processing All Kinds Of Workpiece Materials

We develop a batch of circle vibrating screen material suitable for high speed, that can be different cutting premise,cement production line cutting processing of circle vibrating screen workpiece materials.The former requires a thick abrasive, in order to assure larger polishing rate to remove the polish damage layer, but polishing damage layer also deep.The latter requires to use the finest materials,cement mill price made of polished damage layer is relatively shallow, but polishing rate low.Use of fluid flow rushed to tiny chip powder, prevent bond, to ensure that the circle vibrating screen for processing.High speed cutting technology applied to a substantial progress produce processing quality and reduce the efficiency of capital.Jaw crusher circle vibrating screen caused damage the main reason why cutting force cutting temperature mechanical friction, bond, chemical wear, collapse, broken blade and plastic deformation, etc wear damaged, so the circle vibrating screen the main material of high temperature and mechanical function,cement making machine and when hot physical function, fight bonding function, chemical not disorderly good resistance to heat shock function and function of rupture of coating.We will need to choose according to actual circle vibrating screen more appropriate material secco: rough machining priority when circle vibrating screen material resilience: finishing priority when circle vibrating screen material hardness.The best way to solve the problem the polishing is divided into two phases.General wet cutting for cutting medium topic into a strong thermal shock, often will aggravate wear circle vibrating screen, so high speed cutting difficult-to-machine materials with low temperature air cooled more,china jaw crusher low temperature trace lubrication dry, must dry cutting way.Water thermal conductivity let are better than big oil heat, viscosity and small than oil,artificial sand washer it is far better than the oil emulsion cooling function.High speed cutting circle vibrating screen, with cutting speed progress, cutting force decreases, and cutting temperature rises high,drum dryer up to a certain value rise after gradually slowing.Using low viscosity oil to join surfactants can progress cutting clean sex.High speed cutting cutting processing development direction, has become the mainstream cutting processing.Polishing cover and cover can prevent dust and other sundry machine when not in use polishing fabric and influence into use effect.Especially high-speed cutting with high hard, high strength, high temperature resistant characteristic difficult-to-machine materials, because of high temperature friction cause cutting circle vibrating screen sharply restricted often wear high speed cutting application business qualitative factors.Polishing process to join circle vibrating screen can be fixed on the base processing through drain into plastic disc in polishing machine by party a plate.How to select the reasonable effective cooling lubrication methods, to improve the knife/work friction state had circle vibrating screen wear and thus progress processing quality processing efficiency, the popularization and application of high speed cutting technology needed to consider important technological elements.Shaking concentrator:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/concentrator-table.Htmlcone crushers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cone-crusher.Htmlsand making machine:www.China-crusher.Com/sand-maker.Html.

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