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Classified Guidance To Apply Impact Crusher

In recent years, due to breakage of equipment development and growing, the industry also began to look gradually transferred to the broken machinery industry, and to seek an efficient method for crushed material.To do this, give the development of special crusher provides favorable conditions.The single rotor impact crusher is a kind of crush equipment which to use impact energy to crush material.When it works,the rotor rotate at a high circle speed by the motor's force,when the material enter into the hammer's working area, the ore crush with the hammer,then the ore will throw to the reflecting part,this is the second time crushing,when the ore was reflected from the reflecting board,there is a third crushing on the hammer,again and again.,the ore is getting smaller and smaller while it go down in the first to second and to third reflecting room.Till the ore was crushed into the proper size,it go out through the exit.To adjust the distance between the single rotor and the reflect board,it can change the shape and the size of the ore.The single rotor have these types: 1.Impact crusher don't have the divide evenly sieve board.2.Impact crusher have the divide evenly sieve board this kind of crusher can control the size of the finished ore,so the big block is not much,the size of the ore is certain in a area.That's because the sieve board have the function to control the size of the ore.3.The reversible single rotor impact crusher.This rotor can rotate on the forward direction and reverse direction.The entrance for the ore is on the top of the crusher,there are two sets of the reflecting board in the two side of the crushing room.The two rotor impact crusher have these three model: a.The two rotor rotate in the same direction,that means two sets impact crusher using in series in the same time.The crush ratio is bigger,the size of the ore is average,the productive power is large.But need more electricity it can be used as a rough /medium /refine equipment.This equipment can reduce the crush board,simplize the produce process.B.A.The two rotor rotate in the opposite direction.These model is like the two sets impact crusher using parallel connection,large production power,it can use as a rough and medium crusher.In addition, in order to meet the nesting size requirements and compensate for wear of the jaw plate, additional nesting population adjustment device, usually put in between the bracket seat and rear rack adjust shim or wedge.However, in order to avoid affecting production, the replacement of broken parts and hydraulics can be used to achieve insurance and adjustments impact crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_12.Html mobile crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/12.Htmlraymond mill:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_22.Html.

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