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Coal Crusher And Coal Belt For Coal Crushing

Shibang heavy industry science & technology co.,ltd (shanghai) is a professional coal crusher manufacturer, providing whole set of coal crusher manufacturing craft and coal crusher manufacturing equipment, and we have successfully designed out many coal crusher production lines for our customers.Sbm heavy industry (shanghai) has many years' experience on coal crusher manufacturing with senior expertise and technological project engineers and configuration of working process flow craft.Adopting new designing structure and improvement in our company, coal crusher for sale has the advantage of high output, high crushing efficiency and cost saving.Coal crusher machine adopts the box casting structure within strengthened reinforcement.Besides, there is connection vane between adjusting box and side board.The transition region has a design of big radian with concentrating stress, while the welding joint is on the low stress area.What's more, movable jaw is also a kind of box casting structure with strengthened reinforcement, which is of high steel degree and heavy weight.It is suspended and supported by a steeled axis and moving in a superior lubricated sphere.The four pin rollers of coal crusher use grease lubrication.The mazed-like seal ring is full of lubrication oil, which can effectively prevent from dust entering.Also large-sized jaw crusher has electrical lubrication system for additional selection, in which the elbow board of crusher adopt cylinder coupling, no oil lubrication without maintain.Jaw board is fixed and tightened by good quality fixture block and draw bar.And the back of jaw board is fixed with sheet steel.All these parts are good for prevent the manganese steel inflation as well as protect the movable jaw and machine frame.The coal belt as a major coal production in the transport equipment, conveyors run deviation process is prone to failure.Article pointed out that deviation to prevent the belt conveyor, installation and commissioning process should be good grasp of several key steps , and from years of production experience, on the conveyor belt phenomenon common deviation identification and adjustment methods are summarized and introduced.Coal belt conveyor in coal crushing plant is a major transportation equipment production, due to transmission capacity, low operation cost, using a wide range of simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, the use of low cost, low resistance, in the coal mine roadway widely used.Deviation is easily the process of running conveyor malfunction.Long run deviation, not only causing leakage, unusual wear and tear, decreased productivity, and even lead to belt edge is torn nap reduce belt life, more important is the work of the normal package of equipment, which affects production.Therefore, the phenomenon of belt deviation occurs, must be to prevent and adjustment.

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