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Common Coal Blocking Phenomena And Solutions During Operation Of Ball Mill

Coal mill is the main device for thermal power station's coal preparation system.It is also used for the powder making system for cement, metallurgy, chemistry and sugar making industries.The ball mill is widely used for the smashing of coal in all hardness.Coal ball mill is the device to crash coal.Ball mill can be used for the factory exclusively producing coal.It can also be used for the places with giant demand of coal raw material and cement mill.The coal blocking problems of ball mill commonly result from improper setting of ball mill.The ball mill in certain specification and types should only allow specific entrance ability in the fixed milling condition.If the original mine feature get changed, or the mine amount gets increased, the increasing thick particle supply would lift up the back-to-sand ratio, the coal blocking problem would be met due to the excessive amount compared with the fixed entrance of ball mill.In addition, the improper operation would get coal blockage.If the cinder crusher like mine mill is not with unreasonable water utility, it would directly influence the thickness of milling mine.Too high coal milling thickness can cause coal blockage.The unreasonable loading amount of mine media or ball radius proportion would cause blockage.When facing the coal blockage of ball mill, firstly we should analyze the changing condition of ore's nature, ore supply amount, water supply, sand return amount, flooding particle.Check whether those conditions are normal or not to find out reasons and related solutions.1 reduce the ore supply amount of ball mill, or stop coal supply in the short time.Sludge dryer will reduce the working burden of ball mill by doing so.That can reduce the entering ore supply of ball mill.2 adjust the water utility amount and milling ore thickness.Those conditions should be strictly controlled.Too big or small of condition would bring negative influence.The excessive high thickness of ore would be with slower flowing speed of slurry.At the same time, the milling ore media's collision function will become weak.To the overflow ball mill, the ore ordering particles would become thicker.But in grid ball mill, the phenomenon of bloating chamber would possibly happen.3 the grinding media adding of gangue grinder should be reasonable.If the media loading in the ore ball mill is not adequate, the grinding media in large size should be complemented in proper amount.

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