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Common Dryer Machine Assembling Method In Larger Magnitude Of Interference

The dryer machine has larger diameter of assembly, large quantities of interference with commonly used the dryer assembly method.In a certain experience, this method is more simple,clinker rotary kiln easy, and reliable.In the round with a dryer can use coal, coke, wood, oxygen a acetylene flame directly the dryer.But because the dryer is difficult to control the temperature directly, the dryer uniformity and with the poor.Mineral impact crusher usually, in the round with a dryer by such as oil on medium indirect dryer, the dryer method is secure, easy to control temperature measurement, and even.At present a more advanced one is to use electricity dryer, but it requires special equipment,cone crusher cost is higher, so the application is less.Use medium dryer, used more indirect oil for medium.When operating,rock crusher but by experience sure master a certain parts of the dryer needed time to get enough assembly minimum clearance.But in the absence of experience, should be first as the dryer temperature calculation.Its computation formula is: hammer crusher.Simple structure, compact size, small dead weight.For unit power consumption small,cone crusher manufacturer at the same time, higher productivity, big crushing ratio, the small and uniform particle size products, a cube of the body.Excessive broken less phenomenon, in a continuous work condition is stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and repair, vulnerability to check and replacement parts.Hammer crusher jaw crusher use two jaw slabs of extrusion and bending material function, to various hardness materials in crushing or broken processing.The dryer should be calculated into force as the foundation of the pressure equipment selection.But the actual pressure into force calculation and often of pushing force and, especially on the surface roughness of the assembly's influence.Therefore, it is better to have the ability of the pressure equipment chosen in the calculated value of 1.5 times more.Limestone rotary kiln pressure into the assembly should pay attention to the point that the force with parts of the centerline of the coaxial character.And also pay attention to the following items: must make preparations in advance, and drawn up procedures.The assembly of the distance from the dryer place should be close to some, so as to shorten the lifting of time.The dryer machine pieces of hoisting the measures, appliances all, should be safe and reliable.Used oil cooking method dryer, filling the dryer should have enough oil container capacity, oil, should be submerged parts.Parts are not put on the bottom of the container, should filled up appropriate height to make around parts can be surrounded by oil and even the dryer.When the dryer should have appointed to care about, and should be ready to fire safety measures, in case of accidents.Will the dryer after the wheel shaft parts into the meeting emergency pieces, have to wear a good protective gloves, prevent burns.Operation should be quick and accurate, fast and not random, prevent deflection, and pay attention to the keyway.If the dryer gap is still too small or set after a slight stuck when the phenomenon can be certain trend, if estimated hammering still cannot assembled in place, must be firmly exit, continue to dry a period of time.Cement equipment:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/cement-making-plant.Htmlcombination crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/combination-crusher1.Htmlcone crusher manufacturer:www.China-crusher.Com/cone-crusher5.Html.

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