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Concrete Methods To Adjust Drum Dryer Riding Wheel

Drum drying machine is used for drying of material of the equipment.Because this kind of equipment and large elasticity of operation reliable operation,stone crushing plant good adaptability and high processing power, in the chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other departments are widely used.Drum drying machine mainly by the cylinder, support device, that move device and end seal device components.Drum drying machine transmission device have; motor and reducer, gear, gear ring and other part in and out of the mechanism and the sealing device.The cylinder body is drum dryer matrix, in its internal conducts both heat and mass transfer process, and the mobile conveying material role.Cylinder of supporting device is a circle, and inquire rolling wheel, block round of three parts.Sand making machine the tube weighed the tyre-roller transfer through thor rounds, the tyre-roller charge in rolling wheel, the wheel as a resistance cylinder axial channeling the role of the move.According to drum drying machine working principle and the structure features and production in the maintenance drum drying machine experience, to ensure that drum drying machine mechanical equipment and long-term safety operation, the key is to adjust the wheel ".Maintenance drum drying machine axis of straight sexhydraulic cone crusher; make physical tube along the axial normal reciprocating movement, so that block wheel hold not turn or short time stress of little exercise, make each block wheel, "a round to take even the cylinder body load.In the process of maintenance axial channeling dynamic adjustment drum drying machine's round of adjustment method: 1 check watch lundai "and the relative position of the wheel is still in in the middle position; block stress and turn round 2 adjustment "according to the cylinder wheel adjust turn direction, adjust the centerline of the wheel"impact crusher;, in a certain direction taken at the same time, wheel askew, and the cylinder body center line form tiny pianjiao (usually not more than 0.5 °, lest grinding wheel's alien) produces spiral upward thrust, make its and cylinder fluctuation channeling power basic balance, let simplified at the location of the relatively stable running, also is the lundai in, under block between reciprocating channeling move round freedom.Adjust the procedure is as follows: when the simplified moves down, will adjust a circle tighten bolts 2, screw loose a circle back all the 1 (note must tighten laps and loose circle back the same number), simplified will stop rolling down; if, in turn, moving mobile impact crusherup, the "add wheel in liquid lubricant, this time the simplified will cease to move up, if still up, then the bolt on 1, loose bolts back 2, simplified stop up; if in turn down, it should be "on the wheel lubrication sleeve wipe, when necessacement making plantry, repeat the method, until there not move so far.Adjust process, prevent to different directions, wheel askew.In the adjustment of the process, to make the cylinder body move up, best's surface water wheels in some lubricants take this increase friction surface; and to make the cylinder body down, can be poured some sticky grease, reduce the friction surfajaw crushersce.Adjustment to be adjusted at the same time, round 4 hold wheel, and ensure that lundai and not less than 50% of the wheel's interface.Use effect "round after adjustment, and greatly reduce the stress block wheel, so as to increase the ask, block wheel bearing life, reducing production cost, improve the production efficiency.At the same time, "wheel, lundai (the tyre-roller), reduce the loss of the alien, the service life of equipment improvement.If our factory compound drying machine run continuously 4 years, not overhaul, the effect is very good.But wear is inevitable, need often maintenance, keep lubricant, and constant observation wheel, "block the position of the wheel bearing heating and, adjust and maintenance, to guarantee the normal production.Screw classifiers:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/15.Htm ball mill:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/ball-mill.Html spiral separator:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/screw-classifier.Html.

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