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Construction Waste Production Line Design Solution

Main user of opencast mining is power plant, its requirement of supply coal granularity to power plant less than 200mm.Most of small and medium opencast mining is not equipped with crushing equipment, and granularity of coal cannot reach the requirement, all of which directly affect the economic efficiency of mining.Establishing a set of fixed crushing plant, it is not only with large investment at a time, but also with addition of reshipment, which resulting in production cost increasing, and influencing the economic efficiency of mining.Opencast mining is having top-down rock strata, including cemented gravel layer, jurassic stratum, medium sandstone, fine sandstone, etc., rock mass has its particularity of density, hardness, structure equality.Also, under the condition of crushing action, different type of rock soil has different reflection of vibration from crushing.Because all coal-bearing stratum is even rock mass, its ability of accepting vibration wave transmission is related to property of rock mass.The harder the rock, the higher the density, the higher the wave velocity, so some crushing technology should be took.Due to the particularity of opencast mining, plus limited technology, opencast mining has been constrained.With the improvement of machinery equipment technology, crawler mobile crushing plant is widely used in department of highway and bridge construction, urban architecture, metallurgy, energy, and so on to carry on crushing, screening, etc., which is especially suitable for use in opencast coal mining.It is with low oil consumption, low noise, reliable performance, providing reliable, economic, environmental power source.Military low temperature preheating starter can be installed to engine, so as to make the equipment easily start under low temperature of -25c°.Chassis uses crawler whole rigidity ship type structure, which characterizes with high strength, better grounding performance than that of pull down, good adaptability to hilly area and everglade.For high pulling torque traveling motor with mature technology, it characterizes with great driving force and high reliability.Operating system selects imported servo priority one with characteristics of convenient operation, accurate control, which can realize electrodeless traveling speed.The successful research and development of the equipment greatly accelerates the progress speed of opencast mining, which refreshes mining industry with new vitality.Selecting the right machines for your quarry is a vital decision.It will depend on many factors including the type of rock, characteristics of your site, and the precise quarrying application.Your choice will directly affect productivity, cost per ton and the profitability of your whole operation.Aggregate used in railways, roads, buildings industy, human civilization developing is related with aggregate industry.Construction aggregate quarry equipmentconstruction aggregate quarry equipments including impact crusher, vibration, vibrating feeder, mobile vibrating screen, jaw crusher, belt conveyor, concentrated electronic control system, we design capabilities of from 40 tons/hours to 1000 tons/hour, in order to meet the special requirements of customers, we can also add like cone crusher, vsi crushers, and we provide mobile crushing unit.Process of aggregate plantconstruction aggregate and building aggregate is widely utilized in all sorts of concrete production.And crushed stone aggregate is among the major sources to obtain construction aggregate and creating aggregate.Crushed stone aggregate is produced from many natural deposits such as: limestone, granite, trap rock and other durable mineral resources.Building materials, as the name implies, it refers to materials that used in construction, such as cement, sand, wood, metal, asphalt, synthetic resin, plastic and so on.It also includes some new technology which brings insulation material, insulation material and high strength material.Damage of building materials to environmentbuilding materials such as wasted cement, sand, steel, scrap wood, if they cannot be used they will occupy a lot of space, asphalt, plastic and will cause irreversible damage to the environment, therefore, in every country, construction waste is an environmental issue that needs great attention.Secondary processing of the building materialsfor the cement, sand, wood etc., the general method is to firstly use the crusher for crushing, and then use the fine crusher to adjust the size, it needs ground material into the mill for further processing, the material that needs grinding will be entered into the flour mill, material that does not need grinding , such as sand can be directly used or classified through screening and re-using.In this way, it does not only solve the difficult problem of environmental pollution, but also make full use of the material.

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