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Conveyor Belt Is Also The Safety Belt For Workers

Continental belt conveyor systems equipment offers many safety features, some of which are standard, while others are optional and specified by the user based on conditions under which the equipment will be operating.Good common sense is the key when working on any equipment and must be used while observing or servicing equipment.The maintenance of a belt conveyor is basically the same as any equipment with moving parts and no matter how well the conveyor is designed and constructed it will require scheduled maintenance and periodic service maintenance.The section deals with general maintenance practices and is not intended to be a guide for the actual maintenance of specific parts on the conveyor.This particular information is available from the manufacture's manuals; please consult it for maintenance schedule and lubrication requirements.A strict maintenance schedule and well-trained maintenance crew can save companies a large amount of money over the course of equipments life.The maintenance function in any operation is in charge of keeping the equipment operating at maximum productivity or capacity.Scheduled maintenance reduces downtime and ensures the efficient and safe operation of the system.A quality maintenance program begins with management and their insistence on strict routine maintenance schedule and periodic outages specifically for the overall review of the equipment.Manual inspection, maintenance or repairs must be done at a time the can be taken out of service, properly lockout and tagged.In no case should belt conveyors or any operating equipment be serviced while in operation.Only visual inspection can be done during operation and care must be taken to be at a safe distance and not be wearing loose clothing.Inching drives provide an excellent method of visually inspecting the belting.Companies must constantly observe the working conditions, and if doubt exists, as to whether you deem your equipment safe enough for your employees welfare, call in a qualified safety engineer to advise you as to whether or not your equipment satisfies current safety regulations and requirements of any federal, state, municipal or other duly constituted regulatory agency to whom you might be responsible.Equally as important to the maintenance schedule of belt conveyors, is that service being performed by well-trained, competent personnel provided with proper test equipment and tools.The maintenance crew should be skilled employees empowered to shut down the conveyor to make repairs necessary repairs.Employees, maintenance personnel and operators must be made aware of the type of equipment and how it operates and of the power required to operate this equipment.Basic conveyor safety begins with the design of the equipment that avoids foreseeable hazards.Company management must provide training in the proper operation and maintaining of the equipment.Management must insist on good housekeeping and safety procedures.The information contained in this manual is be used as a guideline only, any company policies, local or state regulation should be adhered to.The recommendation on service and maintenance are general in nature and any technical information from the manufacture on particular parts should be used.Classifiers:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_37.Htmlcement mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/61.Htmlcone crushers:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/4.Html.

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