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Conveyor Belts Functions Origin And Applications

Conveyor belts, which are used in many different fields, belong to the most widespread and advantageous handling devices.Dealing with material (or living beings) handling, we cannot leave out conveyor belts, which for over a century have represented one of the best solutions in this field.Used to handle many different types of goods, conveyor belts are notably widespread and appreciated for their special features, which make them better than other devices.Some of the most meaningful advantages of conveyor belts are the low energy consumption that they require, the low surveillance costs and the possibility they offer to handle large quantities of goods.Although the massive diffusion of these types of devices took place in 1913, when henry ford introduced in his ford motor company the conveyor belts for a large-scale use, their appearance goes back to even before.The ancestors of conveyor belts were already widespread in the xix century, and their technique was improved in 1901, when the swedish company sandvik introduced new models that were characterized by some steel features.More than a century has gone since the first conveyor belts appeared, and the fact that 100 years later they are still very used makes us understand the extent of their success.But what is the technique beyond their functioning? first of all the belt, which is usually made of rubber, is moved by rollers.The internal surface is in contact with the drum motor, which allows the belt to move and is found in the front.In the back there is the return cylinder.The system also includes other essential features, like carrying and support rollers, which are used to maintain the proper belt tension, side-rails that prevent materials from going out of the belts, and metal sheets that stabilize movement and position.The motor produces movement, which is transmitted to the belt through a transmission chain, a belt or gear.The functioning of conveyor belts is fit for many different types of goods, and it is no coincidence that these devices are used in many fields.The first thing to come to your mind, when speaking about this system, is probably the conveyor belts that you can find in any airport and that are used to transport suitcases and luggage, or the escalators or moving walkways, which use the same technology, but conveyor belts are used in many other sectors, and depending on the field they are used for and on the type of material they have to handle they can have specific peculiarities or be made of different materials.Conveyor belts for food, for example, are usually made of pvc and needs to have all the necessary characteristics to meet hygiene rules, while the belts that are used in quarries need to be friction, cut and abrasion resistant.In any case, no matter their application and the field they are used in, conveyor belts are ancient but still relevant devices.

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