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Conveyor What Is A Conveyor System

A conveyor system is basically a form of automation technology that is used to transfer materials from one location to another.It is made up of two or more pulleys and a belt that rotates about the pulleys.The materials to be transported are usually placed on or within the belt.When one or more of the pulleys are powered, the belt is set in motion and the materials moved to the required location.Belt conveyors can be used for general material handling such as transferring boxes from one point to another in an industry, or for bulk material handling, such as transporting coal and ores over a long distance, usually outdoors.Conveyors serve to automate functions in a factory or a production company.Prior to their invention, workers had to move from project to project delivering raw materials and carrying finished products.This was tedious and inefficient.Conveyor belts helped to centralize functions in an industry by bringing the work to the workers.With automation, raw materials could be delivered quickly and efficiently to the required projects and finished goods could be shipped out for delivery.This not only reduced the required manpower in a factory but also freed up time for workers to follow up more important tasks such as quality control.The principle of operation for conveyor belts is variable speed control.The speed is customized according to the speed requirements of a particular work station in an industry.The speed should neither be too slow that it causes delays, nor too fast that it damages materials or overwhelms workers.As such, factories and manufacturing plants are constantly adjusting the rate of movement of materials to achieve maximum efficiency.Importance of conveyors belt conveyors are an important part of industrial technologies.They are used in virtually all industries, from manufacturing to warehousing, to automate the transport of goods.Industries such as electronics, agriculture, food processing, canning and bottling, furniture, packaging and pharmaceuticals among others rely on them.They are used by postal and freight companies to handle baggage, and in grocery and retail stores to move goods towards the till clerk and the packaging personnel.The escalator is also another form of conveyor belt that literally moves people.Some of the obvious advantages of employing the use of a conveyor system in the work place include: they are highly efficient and quick in transporting material from one point to anotherthey can handle any load regardless of the size and shapethey have high safety measures and rarely cause accidentsthey can be installed anywherethey are widely available for a wide range of needsthey can transport materials both in straight lines and in irregular elevations since their introduction, belt conveyors have revolutionized industries in a huge way.By offering a quick an efficient means of transportation, they not only speed up production time but also cut production costs significantly.They also reduce the rate at which injuries and accidents occur in an industry.As such, it is imperative to settle on a good conveyor manufacturer as your industry will be highly dependent on this system.

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