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Cooling Off A Brief History Of Central Air Conditioning

As you pursue an hvac atlanta contractor, peruse a brief history of the hvac system.You'll admire, laugh, and appreciate the remarkable, everyday systems that manage to keep buildings cool.The scientist politician the year was 1758.As with several other remarkable discoveries, benjamin franklin partnered with john hadley, a cambridge professor, to make a rather chilling discovery.When liquids evaporate, any liquid, it has a slight cooling effect to it.These two gentlemen realized that certain liquids that evaporate faster than water, like alcohol, have an even greater cooling effect.The attempted entrepreneur dr.John gorrie was both a doctor and an inventor.He built a machine for his hot florida hospital that blew air over buckets of ice to try and cool down the rooms and his patients in the summer heat.He got a patent for his system in 1851, and died in 1855 broke and probably heartbroken.Thankfully, someone else would come along and see his dreams through.The assassinated president james garfield may have been shot on july 2, 1881, but what happened to his body was at the time a work of science fiction.Engineers from the u.S.Navy constructed a kind of miniature air conditioning box to keep his body cool.It essentially worked by keeping the cooler air lower towards the ground and president garfield's dead body.It made the process of burial a little bit more bearable in the staunch summer heat.The publisher in 1902, willis carrier makes the first successfully patented air conditioning contraption.It's called the apparatus for treating air, and was made originally for the sackett-wilhelms lithographing and publishing co.In brooklyn, ny.The coolness of the air came from the coils that the wind was blown over.The namer stuart cramer was a textile mill engineer in 1906 in north carolina.His contribution was adding water vapor to the air inside of his textile mills, which then made the yarn less brittle and easier for the workers to spin.It's out of this circumstance that he coined the phrase "air conditioning." the posh it was in 1931 that the first home air conditioning units were sold for individual rooms, the kind that are propped into your window ledge.H.H schultz and j.Q.Sherman worked together to sell these puppies for up to $50,000 apiece.The idea of spending so much on central air today is almost heartbreaking, but when you factor in the inflation rate, it's difficult whether to say you feel like laughing or crying--because it's $600,000.The '70s arrive a shift away from the window units has arrived in the form of central air.This is when you have the coils, the freon, and the refrigerants all working together to blast cool air throughout your home.It's amazing to consider how far inventors have come! the next time you call up your hvac atlanta contractor, remember how wonderful it is that central air is so much more affordable now than it used to be.

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