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Crusher And Grinding Machines Application In Using Coal Resource

Crusher and grinding machines application in using coal resource in recent years, with the various sectors of the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue awareness of the rapid rise of research, how to gangue turning waste into treasure? at home and abroad they have been developed many ways to use.The basic principle is in identifying the nature of coal gangue based on the distinction so that the best use, and will use a variety of ways to combine the development of a certain scale and utilization system in order to get the best value for money.According to china's actual conditions, its use generally has five areas: 1.Underground coal mine filling.In the mining process of gradual reform, based on the use of coal gangue in the underground mined-out area, or directly to filling the ground after processing filling underground mined-out area we use crushers and grinding mills.2.Coal mine ground subsidence filling, reclaimed wasteland and pave the way for.3.Coal gangue power generation.Containing carbonaceous more, the higher heat of gangue, can be used as fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed power generation.4.Production of coal gangue brick, cement and construction materials such as lightweight aggregate.5.To extract sulfur from the coal gangue concentrate and other chemical products.Whether it be coal gangue for which way to the end of gangue by jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, raymond mill, vertical mill, the comprehensive utilization of processing equipment and other categories.Are only one part of the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, coal development process, there are many secondary can be exploited mineral resources.For example, the mine water is also the threat of a major coal mining disaster, as long as the strengthening of management, the implementation of row for the combination, not only of harm into, but also can effectively resolves the problem of water resources needed for mining.Different times in our country's coal seam and surrounding rock, the symbiotic and beneficial elements associated mineral resources are very rich in alumina clay, kaolin, bentonite, diatomite, oil shale and germanium, gallium, uranium, vanadium, etc., in some mining areas or seams that can be enriched up to industrial requirements, comprehensive utilization of coal resources, coal resources should be enhanced investment in secondary use.

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