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Crusher Equipment For The Efforts Of The Environmental Protection

Green environmental protection is an eternal theme of social construction, in global environmental and energy crisis growing situation, development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry is to accelerate the transformation development way, and promote social and economic quickly and well the only way of development.Environmental protection seems and crusher pull not top relation, but careful about crusher in some industry application you will find in energy conservation and emission reduction, crusher is derived.For energy conservation and environmental protection, research and development of mining the stave machinery slag processing and steel processing equipment will be the next two big potential market.Slag is blast furnace ironmaking steelmaking process, the inevitable result of production, such as 1 ton per tried about produce 12% ~ 14% of steel slag, the utilization rate of steel slag is about 10%.Most of the steel slag cause metal and steel slag waste of resources.Therefore, king kong of slag grinding equipment broken and the development to have the good growth prospects, directly will promote the slag resources recycling.Second, for steel production can replace the iron ore materials.Our country at present the scrap steel circular utilization rate was 19.9%, much lower than the world average of 48.3%.Foreign scrap steel processing industry is the trend of the development of the waste treatment as the leading fragmentized separation, the use of environmental protection, electromechanical integration, research and development of new and high technology new comprehensive treatment technology, forming a new environmental protection high-tech industry and the new economic growth point.Shanghai esong mining machinery for slag processing and steel processing equipment research and development of crusher equipment for the processing of slag, plays a great role, and greatly saving social resources.In addition to esong crusher slag processing make contribution, but also in the use of coal gangue go a long way.In the exploitation of coal gangue is dressing and discharge of solid waste process, if given the ignore words will cause environmental pollution, but also can cause waste of resources, but through recovery after processing have great use of space, and can be used in the construction of brick, instead of clay brick making as raw materials, but also as a wall materials, chemical products, subgrade materials, in addition is most were used in power plant in processing power, and the resulting slag comprehensive used in the production of slag cement and so on.The use of it to need to use crusher, grinding machine will its broken, grinding to the appropriate size and then used in related field.And usually used processing equipment have jaw, impactor, milling machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, etc.Shanghai esong mining machinery thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, improve the enterprises' independent innovation ability, to build saving and environment friendly innovative enterprise construction, production of the crusher, mining machinery and equipment already exported to russia, iran, kazakhstan, india, sri lanka, angola, chile, vietnam and other countries, in home also held certain market, big enterprise prospect.Http://www.Chinaesong.Com offers.

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