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Crusher Spare Part Enterprise Soft Power Strengthening Its Hard Power

For crusher spare parts enterprise, the soft power sometimes can transfer to the hard power to achieve success on the fierce competition.Usually, for enterprise the soft power refers to its management system, developing strategy, innovation ability, and so on.On the first place, management system is important for each enterprise.The human resource management is an obvious one.Dsmac has established a whole system of stimulation and restriction to employ excellent staffs.Both the human resource management system of cultivating and praising employees and "hundreds engineers joining dsmac" activity have absorbed large batch of professional engineers entering into the enterprise.Besides, the cost management system saves much investment for the enterprise.Adopting various methods such as prediction, calculation, controlling, accounting, analysis, assessment, reward and punishment and so on, the potentiality is stimulated to control the cost.Therefore, the enterprise can still go through the difficulties even in any condition.The next factor is the advanced developing strategies, including big marketing strategy and brand strategy.Lead by big marketing strategy, dsmac expands its domestic and foreign marketing actively the cement clinker fine crusher has been in the leading position, and also exported to many countries such as bangladesh, malaysia, indonesia, etc.Regarding big marketing strategy as the center, dsmac founded several marketing departments in many domestic cities, and agents in foreign countries.Furthermore, the brand strategy system also began.The relating factors like processing, technology, quality, production, cultural building, image promotion and other methods are applied in the process of brand strategy.The working environment, staff spirit are also put into consideration of enterprise image.Finally, the everlasting power is its innovation ability.The continual advancement of product quality and technology level meets customers' needs.We have 55 dedicated r&d engineers, who have already created products with 28 patents, like a limestone crusher with one of the largest outputs available and crusher spare partsa crusher rotor and hammer head with up to four times the life span of those of our competitors, a machine now popular in far more than 20 nations.Our crushers are so strong, they is often employed for up to 20 years.The innovation brings dsmac perpetual life.Based on the above soft power, dsmac has gradually became a big enterprise now, and the enterprise's tomorrow will be better!.

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