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Crushing Machinery Manufacturing Development In China

Machinery manufacturing industry in our country has entered into the overall size of the international production country ranks, but overall competition and development in the future are still can't compete with the developed countries, the current domestic high-end users and export products rely mainly on the basis of imported parts, with the increase of export trade friction, certainly will should be by foreign competitors and suppliers of restriction.So in the future development of the stave machinery should focus on the basic technology and basic components come up, improving independent development level.China crusher manufacturer heavy industry devoted to zhengzhou crusher, the sand machine, milling machine,flotation machine and the sand gravel production equipments etc large mechanical equipment.One jaw crusher, counterattack crusher,limestone dryer the sand machine, large grinding machine has been exported to columbia, the united states, saudi arabia and other regions made of customers' praise, especially the sand machine, jaw crusher equipment got foreign vigorously admiration.At present, china's manufacturing industry market is very wide crusher, including chemical industry, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine, glass, etc.In china's most important application fields are cement industry,rotary kiln paving and mining, used in the two industries accounts for the whole industry the crusher of around 30%.The update of crusher.Because of the small crusher life expectancy only for 35 years, every year the crusher for domestic change about 20% of the total demand crusher, even if that domestic and many hammer apparatus in over age operation, the domestic crusher overall tends to aging, the more massive the update is just a question of time; second, china's stable and rapid economic development, 2004 gdp growth of more than 9%.Road cement and the infrastructure development will inevitably pulled the crusher of the growth of the industry.Cement rotary kiln three, the development of the western region led to a great demand of the crusher.As countries continue to expand domestic demand, infrastructure construction step, the strengthening this spurs the crusher of industry of booming development, because it is the source of all raw materials, no crusher can be imagined that productivity is how dare not for revenue.Next: let us from the point of view of the world look crusher industry forecast analysis: the 2006 two digital high growth rate after, according to the american equipment manufacturers association (aem) annual prediction research, crusher equipment manufacturers to 2007,raymond mill the industry will present a modest growth trend.Such gains would spread to the united states, canada and the world market.They expected the united states crusher equipment the industry sales volume in 2006 will be a 11.2% increase over 2005.By the end of 2006, the volume of trade canada will increase by 12.7%.The rest of the world market sales are expected to increase of 10.9%.For 2007 years, the u.S.Vsi sand maker is expected to survey participants of the sales will increase by 3.9%, canada will increase by 5.0%, and the rest of the world of the market is expected to grow to 6.4%.When a industry or product export growth of 40% ~ 70% of boom period, when last for a long time, will enter the trade friction high-risk period,concentrator table price china machinery industry is now broken in such a time.With the quickening of the process of integration of the world economy, the traditional trade barriers means weakening gradually or cancel, anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade more and more be used.The developed countries use the technical advantage, in order to safeguard the state or district overall safety, ensure human safety and environment protection and so on plants and animals or reason, and constantly take technical regulations, standards, the authentication, patent, and other means to improve market threshold technology, a large number of export products to china building trade barriers.Therefore, in the current export trade growth situation, we must keep awake and rational knowledge, enhance the prevention of international trade friction disputes consciousness and means.The manual van happened last year the anti-dumping case to our construction machinery industry was a wake-up call.In international trade, crusher enterprise need to pay attention to and guard against including such as two the two insurance (i.E.Anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures and special security measures), technical barriers, political and financial and the appreciation of the renminbi and so on many kinds of risk.Ore processing plant:www.China-crusher.Com/ore-beneficiation.Htmlchina spiral classifier:www.China-crusher.Com/spiral-classifier5.Htmlchina dryer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/dryer.Html.

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