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Crushing Of Ultra Fine Metal Powders And Its Safety

The crushing process of t ultrafine metal powder is very complicated.Especially for ultra-fine grinding flammable and explosive materials, if they are crushed into micron level, the specific surface area will increase and the security issues in crushing process become very important.In general, security of ultra-fine grinding includes three aspects for metal powder supplier: production safety, product quality security and storage security in transporting period.Production safety is related to security of production process.This crushed combustible, flammable and explosive materials, especially toxic.Product quality and safety, and product purity, freshness, oxidation, pollution prevention and other related security.This smash drugs, biological products, health foods and high purity materials in the high-tech industry, especially.Storage during transport security, to make fire, explosion-proof measures in order to solve these security problems, first, from the equipment, technology and environment; the other hand, research and development of the ultrafine metal powder grinding technology security technology.Mechanical method ultrafine metal crush will inevitably impact, friction, milling and extrusion will cause the body and the heating of materials or partially accumulated heat, may also generate static electricity accumulation.It will produce a spark when the heat and static electricity accumulated to a certain extent, will inevitably lead to combustion or explosion.Therefore, in terms of equipment and processes, how to eliminate the spark, the plot of heat and static electricity generated will be the key to solve the problem.That is a little addition to the risk of ignition sources.Concentration should be controlled can be explosive in the small arts, regular vacuuming, to avoid dust in the equipment inside and outside the sedimentary by the airflow disturbance to the formation of explosive dust within the explosive limit.Control the dust concentration to make it in the explosion limit, that is, non-explosive concentration.Mechanical crushing should be focused to prevent the generation of mechanical sparks and hot surfaces and static sources of ignition.Feeling gas explosion-proof.To him smash the system input situation gases, reduce the oxygen concentration to below the dust elimination and suppression of dust explosion ignition source technology.Mechanical sparks, hot surfaces and electrostatic ignition sources containing nitrogen lost ignition ability.Love gas c02, water vapor, combustion furnace exhaust gas nitrogen.Its security problems are very important in the ultra-fine grinding of lead powder, magnesium powder and manganese powder.When its granularity is fine, the greater danger will have.Therefore, the dust explosion should focus on prevention.Ultrafine metal powder grinding technology in environmental problems of water pollution problems in the dust and noise, wet grinding.Dust problems in dry ultrafine grinding dust problem exists, more or less, to the discharge port, the discharge opening and the fan seal, the fine particle size, can easily fly out from the sealed well.The solution is to maximize the use of negative pressure system, the use of sealing a good crushing equipment and fine grading equipment, if necessary, smash shop installed a dust removal system to ensure that the workshop cleaner production, for pigments, dyes, fiber powder and toxic powder is extremely important.There is still a big gap between chinese metal powder industry and advanced levels of international metal powder industry.As to every chinese mill enterprise, continuous efforts and exploration is still the main task.They need to develop better hardware facilities for crushing machinery industry.Source:http://www.Mhcmp.Com.

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