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Current Management Situation Of Mining Equipment

Seen from the development quantities of mining equipment, in the meantime that some companies manufacturing mining machinery just blindly seek for their own economic benefits, they forget to take scientific and reasonable management to their products which lead to the fact that their products occur this or that kind of problems, thus seriously influencing its service life.1.There exist a lot of hidden trouble in the mining machinery and equipment.Now a lot of electrical equipment in the mining site is old and miscellaneous, while still running with problems, the safety facilities and protection devices are not complete, so that there is big gap the requirements of the coal mine safety rules.In many mining sites, the number of old seale winch, explosion-proof high voltage switch, not-replaced old flame retardant belt is high.Among these devices, the coil of ascension brakes, high voltage switch protection is not complete, main fan can't satisfy the requirements of the mine air volume negative pressure, combined with that the technological test for the equipment in the long time is not in time, the test means is backward, so that the existing problem is difficult to find and there are many hidden danger of accidents.2.The role of mechanical and electrical functions of management department is not played.As we all know, now they usually set electrical and mechanical management department and bear the two functions: one is mechanical and electrical management, and the other is mechanical and electrical production.However the personnel's main energy is put into coping with production, the management role can't be given to full play.In the meantime, some local coal mines significantly streamline the personnel, thus causing insufficient management personnel, professional organization fails to sound, management network often interrupts, and their function management role dilutes.3.The real-time monitoring is not conducted.In fact, because the professional vibrating screen supervisory personnel is too less, and the transportation system front is long and wide, so that the safety supervision widely uses the selective examination type, so that the monitoring is random and lacks comprehensiveness and initiative.While the present standards sometimes is not detailed, and even some still have some leeway, there is not very accurate and clear boundaries, this will inevitably cause jaw crusher monitoring process sometimes hard to grasp.4.The technical force is weak.Because of the bad natural conditions, there are many unsafe factors in the mining production process; some higher technical level staff would not enter into the coal mining enterprises.And most of the coal mines think this industry belongs to auxiliary professional, so they do not pay any attention, no mention of the treatment, causing sand maker production personnel's mind volatile, and some technical personnel have to find new jobs, the talent lacks seriously, especially in recent years in some original place of coal mine after the resource integration into state-owned group company.Vibrating screen: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/8.Htmljaw crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/1.Html.

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