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Detail Introduction Of Jaw Crusher Working Principles

Jaw crusher work principle: motor through the belt to keep eccentric shaft rotates, the vertical connecting rod is up and down movement, when vertical link up, drive the two pieces of cubits board gradually extend deuce, cubits board forced moving jaw plate to fixed jaw plate propulsion, crushing cavity (namely the fixed jaw plate and the dynamic of jaw space) of the ore by extrusion,raymond mill splitting, folding role and broken down.Vertical connecting rod downward motion, cubits board and moving jaw plate by spring and ties to the power of the back, at this time row ore mouth increase, was broken ore thus eduction.Visible jaw crusher is broken the continuous ore partiality axis every around half a cycle for broken, then half a cycle for row ore.So it and other continuous mechanical broken than large power consumption, mechanical efficiency is low influence jaw crusher work is the main factor of the rodent turn angle and the number is still jaw angle rodent and the jaw angle between mandibles crusher, according to the calculation, the biggest rodent can be up to 32 ° angle,raymond mill,raymond milland other machines are the stone crushing equipment, and the actual use of less than 25 °, generally for 18 ° ~ 20 ° or so.Rodent angle is too big, can make the crushing cavity ore up extrusion, so that hurt or damage other equipment, at the same time as rodent angle is increased (broken than increase), productivity, and adjusting the row of ore the size of the mouth, sand maker,flotation cells,flotation cells and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.Will change the size of the rodent angle.In actual production, according to the requirements of the ore row size to adjust the row of the size of the ore mouth.So, in that the requirements of the particle size, as far as possible the row ore is reasonable row mouth amplification ore size can adjust the mouth of the mine in regulating row mouth big hours to pay attention to broken and productivity than the relationship between.In a certain range, the increase of partiality axis rotation of the crusher can improve the production capacity, but will also increase the quality of ore broken unit of electricity consumption.Speed is too big, can make the crushing cavity has been broken ore too late eduction clogging phenomenonraymond mill,sand maker and other machines are the sand making equipment,, on the contrary make production capacity reduction, power consumption increase.Therefore, jaw crusher should have a the most appropriate rpm.Jaw crusher of eccentric shaft, connecting rod, moving jaw plate, shaft and lining board is the main wear parts, need often note lubrication and replacement hot products:sand maker:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/sand-maker.Htmlsand maker:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/sand-maker.Html.

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