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Development Prospects Of China Crushing Mechanical

Currently, no matter the real estate industry or large-scale investment in infrastructure, both boosts the rapid growth of china construction machinery.In a sense, instead of a financial crisis as china construction machinery industry to offer any adverse effect, but also promote industry development opportunity.Limestone rotary kiln in the good policy, china construction machinery industry in the beginning of 2010, created another miracle, keeping refreshed, history changed.Aggregate jaw crusher in march 2010, sales volume exceeding 30000 sets excavator, sales volume exceeding 5000 sets crane, roller and sales volume exceeding 3000 sets, crusher, mineral processing equipment, grinding machine, the ball mill, the loader,aggregate jaw crusher bulldozer, concrete machinery, tower crane all appeared high-speed growth.Greatly small new enterprise springing up surged into the engineering machinery field, in the old industry enterprise to expansion plant, increase investment.At that time, china construction machinery industry won the unprecedented social attention, also get a large amount of money to chase after hold in both hands.Vibrating grizzly feederin mechanical model, not all model is making money, many industry segments of the products after successive years of growth, the excess capacity problem increasingly.Engineering machinery overall sales profits have already from 5.73% in 2000 to 4.78% in 2009.To loaders, for example, at the end of 2009, the domestic three loader leading enterprise in the capacity of 30000 sets of/year above, together more than 150000 mobile/year, enough to meet the domestic and international engineering machinery market demand, and then to investment will repeat construction and cause because of excess capacity.According to the chinese construction machinery industry association secretary-general su zimeng parlance,vibrating grizzly feeder the overall status of current loader industry has become: new entry threshold is low, replacing the threat increases, the customer bargaining power enhancement, core components suppliers bargaining power, high internal intensified competition.It certainly will will be future the epitome of the whole construction machinery industry.Obviously,vibrating grizzly feeder the present stage belongs to china construction machinery industry stage peak period enjoy industry, in the industry enterprises should increase sales efforts, expand brand influence, to get high profits.Not enter investors, no need to be jealous, mind your own pocket.Stand to the macroeconomic level, in the long term,flotation machine engineering machinery in china has very good development prospect.But from the enterprise the micro level, in 2010 the new investment enterprise, real time should be put into production in 2012-2013, 2-3 after the market is likely to experience the peak is after adjustment period, new entrants have the ability of the industry long valley? henan red star mine machine co., ltd.Is a company with the production of heavy mine machine is given priority to, the collection scientific research, the production, sales, as one of the large joint-stock enterprise.Henan prospecting machinery manufacture co., ltd, with product seizes the market, with service create market, with brand lead the market.A hold prospecting hand, always be friends! flotation machine:www.China-crusher.Com/floatation-machine5.Html.

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