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Development Situation Of Ball Mill In Mining

Some market competition stronger consciousness in the enterprise, the constant development of new technology, a target on the domestic high-end users and products based on the components and independent production, in export trade friction constant international situation, domestic equipment and parts will naturally and foreign competitors and suppliers according to force fight.So crusher in the future development gravity of the center in the revitalization of mechanical constantly shifting to the base technology and basic parts, in order to improve the independent research and development up manufacturing level.The overall size of the mechanical manufacturing industry in our country has broken into international production country ranks, as our country mining machinery industry of constant exploration and innovation,the whole competition and development has been basically in the future which close to manufacture level of developed countries china manufacturing industry market is very wide, including chemical industry, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine, glass, and other industries.In china"s most important application fields are cement industry, mining, application and pave in this send several industry of the whole industry accounts for about the crusher of around 30%.According to the different grinding process and the grinding characteristics of different positions, there sets a archimedes spiral enhance lining plate and a double curved surface lifting grading lining plate with different lifting force on the high efficiency and energy saving ball mill.It sets an efficient combined compartment in tube for inner classification, which forms the unique properties of the balanced powder abrasive flow and it provide a activation loop in a fine grinding barn, which strengthen the grinding function.It can automatic tracking the variation of the motor speed control inverter by the detecting the changing current of the motor rotor loop which is processed by the computer when the current flow through the control center.The control converter change the alternating current with a frequency of 50hz into a same electric potential with the current frequency of asynchronous motor rotor.It sets machinery, electronics, micro-computer control in one through the large capacity high voltage intelligent reactive power compensation of frequency control technology applying in energy saving ball grinder, which realizes the reactive power compensation of the tube mill power drag, automatic diagnosis and repair fault, realize the grinding efficiency, low power consumption by the use of the programmable intelligent.The grinding process is high power consumption, and it is the essential department in aerated concrete equipment.The building industry promotes the development of aerated concrete industry, as well as stimulates the widely use.Classifier:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/22.Html flotation cells:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/34.Html.

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