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Difference Between Timing Chain And Timing Belt

There exists difference between timing chain and timing belt.We can say simply that one is chain and other is belt.Let's explore more.Basics of mechanical engine belts as we know that the car has four stroke gas engines which are called as combustion process, compression stroke, power stroke and an exhaust stroke.During this four stroke cycle, the crankshaft rotates twice whereas camshaft spins once.There exists relationship between rotation of camshaft and crankshaft is called as mechanical_timing.The mechanical timing controls the movements of pistons and valves inside the engine cylinders.Timing chain vs timing belts timing belts the first car built in america has a rubber timing belt.Every four-stroke engine have this chain.This belt is very quiet, strong but wears out.Most of the automobile manufacturers recommend that the said belt shall be replaced in every 60,000 - 100,000 miles.The belt used in automible runs through a series of pulleys and have belt tension which keeps the proper tension on the belt at all times.When the belt wears and replaced then the belt tensioners are also replaced.Many manufacturers recommend to replace the water pump also because it is also of same age and wears out at same time.Timing chain the purpose of timing chain is same as of timing belt but it stays quite long.Some manufactures suggest to replace at regular intervals but others say that it will be changed with the automobile itself.The chain looks similar to bicycle chain and has much more noise than belt.The problem with timing chain is that it will cause more damage than broken belt.A broken chain may result in damage like complete engine transplant where more repair is required.Both these have tensioners.These tensions keep it in place but timing chain are controlled by the oil pressure if oil pressure becomes low then tensioners may fail which will lead to failure of chain.But, it has nothing to do with water pump so you don't need to change the pump as you change the chain.Interference engines in case of interference engine, the valves and piston occupy the same space as cylinder but at different timings.This type of mechanism is very efficient but if timing belt gets broken then the valves and piston gets crashed with the cylinder which is very worse case.But, in case of non interference engine, even in case of broken belt, there would be no internal damage as they occupy the same place as the cylinder.What happens when a timing chain and timing belt is damaged? if there is proper maintenance then you will not face any problem with timing belt and chain.If the engine is non interference engine then the damage would be installing a timing belt kit.But, in case of interference engine, the damage is more and may be possible that it would be difficult to perform repair.If the chain breaks at low speed then it would not cause any damage.But, if you install a timing chain kit then you can easily manage the things.If it breaks or comes off at high rpm then it may be possible that it will break the internal gadgets and repairs would be costly.

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