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Different Styles Of Ping Pong Racket Grips

There are many things that determine your playing style.In the game of ping pong, however the style in which you hold the racket is the best way to understand your playing style.There are some standard ways to hold the table tennis bat, but there are thousands of variations in them.Every player creates a variation in these standards according to his convenience.To play the intense game of table tennis, one requires to be highly focused as the small ball can be only be shot back to the opponent's side with a fine stroke.To play these strokes well, you should hold your bat firmly and play all your shots with that style only.Choose a grip that suits you best and help you play power shots.Settle yourself on one standard grip style listed below and use that grip to play all shots.Shake-hands grip: this grip style is the most popular one.Most of the table tennis players play with this style.As this grip allows the players to play the best shots, both forehand and backhand.If you are a beginner, you should pick this playing style.For a good over-all game, you should stick to this grip style.To hold the racket with this style, simply keep the racquet perpendicular to the floor and grasp it in a way as if you're shaking hands with someone.Take out your index finger along the bottom of the blade surface keeping the thumb on the other side of the blade surface.You're ready to play your game with shake-hands grip! pen-hold grip: this type of grip is just right for those who love playing forehand shots.This is one of the most popular grip style and many players use this grip style to hold their racquet.When you hold your racket in this style, you'll be able to play all types of forehand power strokes.But, the backhand shots would not be that strong.One must have a quick foot movement to deliver exact shots, while holding their table tennis racket in pen-hold grip.See-miller grip: the player who loves playing a blocking game pick this grip style.In this style, only one side of the blade is used to play all shots.The other side of the blade is used to give surprises to the opponent by suddenly changing the direction of the ball.This grip style however leads to certain weaknesses in both forehand and backhand, especially at an advanced level of play.So, use this playing style only if you have a quick hand movement.These grip styles are the standard ones that can be slightly varied from one player to another.Once you reach the advanced levels, you'll come across many players who have a completely different grip style.But, good players use only slight variations in these standard table tennis bat grip styles.So if you want to execute your game in a right way and want to play all types of shots with perfection, choose a standard grip style.

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