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Different Types Of Cricket Bowling Machine

The main philosophy of cricket bowling machine is simply to train people in cricket.Cricket is a game which has become part of life if we can teach children with all levels they can be a part of perfect cricket team.Individual skills will help them to win; it gives them a wonderful opportunity for a better lifestyle.There are different types of bowling; cricket bowling machines namely mechanical, pneumatic and programmable bowling machines.Pneumatic bowling machine space in this machine is a hopper containing balls and there is a rotor with a gap of 6 balls.It consists of a trap door, through which the rotor passes and the ball's weight falls into the small chambers.There are pumps that are used to provide a stream of air into the chamber and the air flow pushes the ball along with the chamber of a rubber ring known as masking.The hood has a hole whose diameter is slightly smaller than a cricket ball that closes the hole.So the pressure chamber builds up and then pumps the ball out of the nozzle, which is released at height of the pitcher's arm.Mechanical bowling machine the main mechanism of this machine is composed of two heavy wheels with diameter of about 30-50cm, with pneumatic or rubber tyres.Every wheel is driven by its own electric motor and is separated by only 7 cm.This machine has a ball joint that allows a wide range of movements.The electric motors are usually powered by car battery and there is a controller for helping to change the speed of each wheel, thereby contributing a wide range of deliveries.Programmable bowling machine it is a most advanced cricket bowling machine which is intended to overcome some limitations of the other two mentioned bowling machines and help quickly to return bowling set in different types of deliveries with quick succession.Merlyn is a programmable bowling machine that allows bowling of any kind of bowling that a player can do.The delivery of the machine is known that it can play shane warne breaks leg magic.Cricket bowling machines have constantly improved and developed with wide range which includes all facilities that are required by a cricketer.These machines operate with any kind of ball with any size and weight such as a normal cricket balls and tennis balls.However, usually these work best with their own balls, which are made of hard plastic, and covered with dimples.

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