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Different Types Of Rock Crushers And Their Uses

The first step of mineral processing is crushing in which the extracted minerals and rocks are reduced in size by feeding them into mechanical equipment called stone crushers or rock crushers.Rock crushers are used in a wide range of industries including construction, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials industry, and several others.Depending upon the yield, crushing rate, structure, product size, and feed size, rock crushers are divided into two major categories: primary crushers primary crushers are heavy duty equipment that are used for reducing the run-of-mine ore into a size that can be fed to secondary crushers.There are two main primary crushers, which are: jaw crusher in a jaw crusher, the rocks are pressed between two vertical plates called the "jaws" and the size is reduced through compression force.One of the jaws is fixed/stationary, while the other is movable, which moves back and forth.The stationary jaw acts as the crushing surface and the movable jaw provides the compressive force.The rocks stay between the jaws until they are reduced to a size of the gap at the bottom.The jaw crusher is primarily used for reducing the size of big rocks, which come straight from the mining or quarry site.Gyratory crusher gyratory crusher has a cone shell cavity, carrying a conical hard steel grinding element called the crusher head, which reduces the rocks through its cyclic movement to a specific size.The material is fed from the top, and the spindle, which rotates at a speed between 85 and 150 rev/min and is suspended from a pair of "spiders", reducing the size due to its gyratory action.The feed collides against the wall of the fixed crusher chamber, and the size continues to reduce until it is small enough pass through the discharge gap at the bottom.The gyratory crusher is used for similar purposes as the jaw crusher.Secondary crushers after the rocks are reduced to a manageable size, they are fed to secondary crushers for screening and further size reduction.There are several secondary crushers, which are: impact crusher these crushers use impact force to crush the material and are mostly used for soft materials such as seeds, coal, and other soft metallic ores.The material is placed with a container with a discharge sleeve at the bottom of the desired size.The material is reduced in size by pulverizing it to escape from the bottom sleeve.Roll crusher roll crusher consist of two rolls, one is fixed and the other is movable.The material is fed from the top and the gap between the rolls is adjusted to get the desired size.These are used for crushing cement clinker, feldspar, broken coal, and limestone.Cone crusher the working mechanism of the cone crusher is similar to the gyratory crusher.There are two essential differences: one is that the crushing zones have less steepness between them (almost parallel), and the other is that the spindle is shorter, which allows the crusher to produce finer size as compared to the gyratory crusher.

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