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Digital Design Leads Future Trend Of Mould Industry

Inventory is the enterprise for the enterprise internal resources to do an inventory of the process.Ore beneficiation types, quantity cause inventory checking is of high difficulty.Is often a count down, billing and material at sixes and sevens, even at the end are not sure is the problem of physical problems or account.Want to let inventory easy accurate must use new technology of informationization integration function, mcm inventory management module has a set of complete inventory procedure.When there is need only when demand inventory ease in the system input conditions generate a inventory papers, will collect all the inventory information out of the system, including the positions,impact crushing machine quantity, etc, this as accurate inventory standard, assign a different personnel points in the different warehouse don't fill in the papers, after the end of the actual number in system together, can offer the information integrity of profit and loss.I think this is information technology enterprise informationization integration function to the best use it.In 2011,stone crushing plant mould industry total 44% year-on-year growth, but the technology level is still better than developed countries lag behind, with the overall level of germany, usa,cone crusher supplier and japan, compared to about 5-10 years behind.Has the international die association secretary-general rom the fai when accepting a reporter to interview said.For mould variety, wide application, so the independent innovation should select key,flotation cell the first breakthrough, again to drive the global.Rom.The fai said, in the next five to 10 years, first should be in the market requirements, such as in the present main rely on imports and represent the development direction of automobile covering mould and large, precision mold on the key breakthrough.In order to quickly improve our ability to innovate and mould industry mould design manufacture level,portable crusher some key technology must break, and applied in practical production.Mould industry there are ten or so key technology, can be integrated into two major projects: it mainly includes lead mold industry the development direction of mould manufacturing technology of digital design (including modular, integration, and the design of technology) and network service platform two respects content,iron ore concentrator give priority to with integrated innovation, innovation achievements will be applied to production, to enhance the overall level of the mould industry and core competitiveness and shorten the mold production cycle, reduce production cost objective.This is for the rapid development of the automotive industry requirements car environmental protection, energy saving, safety and lightweight, and auto mould need to import a lot of condition of the proposed.We need in the high strength plate forming process and hot pressing mould and plastic forming technology and die in innovative research, and will be used in the production of achievements, hot pressing forming tools fills domestic blank, plastic forming mold improve level, to change the present situation of the enslaved in the importation of large, so as to adapt and to promote the development of the automotive industry in china.The key technology covers the mold industry most major field, and many are some common technology, the breakthrough in industry after application.Stone crusher plant:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/26.Htm raw material mill:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/ore-separating-line.Html ball mill:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/4.Htm.

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