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Dispose Of Waste By The Cement Rotary Kiln

Cement rotary kilns are a kind of building material machines.According to the difference of processed material, rotary kilns can be classified into cement rotary kiln, metallurgy chemical rotary kiln and lime rotary kiln.Recently, the cement rotary kilns are most often used to dispose of waste.In rotary kilns, waste is burnt and disposed of, which has made much success around the world.This way is very good because it is economical, harmless and can prevent from secondary pollution.Firstly, the inner temperature in the cement rotary kiln is very high.The maximal temperature of burning material and smoke can reach 1450℃ and 1750℃ respectively.Secondly, the smoke can be kept inside of the rotary kiln for a long time.The smoke with the temperature of 1100℃ can last for 4 seconds.The materials inside of the kiln keep suspending and rolling, which is useful to burn the waste sufficiently.Finally, the flammable parts of the waste can be used as the fuel burnt by clinker.After they are burnt sufficiently, they will be decomposed into harmless air.The harm powder contained in the smoke can be processed to reach safe discharge standard through a filter installed at the end of the kiln.The rotary kiln can fix most of heavy metal contained in the waste in clinker so that they won't be diffused again.The residues of the burning waste will be mixed with clinker and produced cement.Therefore, they won't pollute environment again.So we can see that it is the most economical and thorough way to process waste by cement rotary kilns.What's more, because the new type of dry process cement production line has replaced the vertical kiln cement production line, it has provided better opportunity for this method.In addition, america and europe refer to waste as the secondary fuel.It is because the flammable waste can replace some fuels to decrease the fuel demand in cement industry, which saves the primary fuel and decreases the discharging of some waste air like co2.As far as its replacement function concerned, using rotary kilns to burn waste is a comprehensive project to protect environment and resource.Although there are much difficulty and many problems for this method, its potential application is huge.Now we advocate using recycle resource and building economical society.This method must be a spot in the development of the industry and will bring us much good social and economic benefit.

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