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Distinction Among Common Crushers At Home And Broad

Broken machinery usually can be divided into six categories, with the exception of hammer crusher and roll crusher, other common crushers in the sand field are pendulum and vertical shaft (vsi)。pendulum jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment。 pendulum jaw crusher demarcates the specifications on its feeding port's length and width of the calibration, basically according to standard manufacturing, domestic industry manufactures about eight kinds of specifications crushing products。 the major international manufacturer's products have more specifications。 in the recent 20 years, in view of the pendulum jaw crusher movement of four connecting rod mechanism on design theory has a lot of progress。 for example: the crushing cavity two-way rodent angle, short cubits board angular, reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity, foreign companies provide products already often use these validated advanced design theory to improve product performance and reliability in use。 our domestic manufacturers for a variety of reasons the advanced design theory little, its main products are almost before the 1970 s finalize the design product, is wear-resistant materials, (such as high manganese steel) and important fittings (such as spherical roller bearing), and other domestic foundation piece, the service life is lower than the international advanced level of the same kind product。 in addition, the main processing and assembling for years to come also is little change, such as bearing hole, of the bearing assembly process and frame of the processing of the processing and assembly, etc.The design of the main performance behind in institutions realize laminated broken principle (or say material layer broken) degree。 the 1950 laboratory experiments proved the material of the single grain crushing and many particles (form material layer) pieces。 its power consumption and smash the machinery as far as possible after richard realize laminated broken, and therefore can be get rid of depend entirely on the row of ore to control the material mouth of the level, so as to realize the feed of the larger size, small size and large discharging the processing power。 therefore, the advanced nature of the design is to try to create conditions of pressure broken, the cavity shape design and increase crushing force is the effective measure。 with spindle swing speeds and eccentricity, for example, the different development stages of the three kinds of performance are different。the same specifications of the impact crusher products at home and abroad are similar in quality, however, domestic chassis quality is smaller, rotor counterattack frame quality is larger, and domestic product cabinet and rotor quality is bigger, counter frame quality is smaller。in addition, in a counter cavity shape design, different particle size requirement counterattack board adjustment and the replacement of the plate hammer, products at home and abroad in the design of the difference is very obvious。 these aspects of bad design, not only affect the product quality, and to use, maintenance also to bring a lot of inconvenience.Www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/hammer-crusher.Htmlwww.China-crusher.Com/rotary-kiln5.Html.

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