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Distribution And Feature On China Mineral Resource

China's energy mineral resources are relatively abundant, but the structure of these types of resources is not ideal.The proportion of coal resources is relatively large while that of petroleum and natural gas resources is small in comparison.After many year development, our country's mineral resource already has the superiority as a whole, also has the inferiority.Its essential feature mainly displays in the following several aspects: (1) the total mineral resources, rich in range, but less per capita.As of the end of 2005, china has discovered 171 kinds of minerals, has identified reserves of 159 kinds of minerals, of which: energy and mines 10, 54 metal ores, and 92 kinds of non-metallic mineral, mineral water 3.Deposits have been discovered, the mine more than 20 points 10,000, including the identification of mineral resources and reserves to 1.8 million department.Coal, rare earth, tungsten, tin, tantalum, vanadium, antimony, magnesite, titanium, fluorite and barite, graphite, bentonite, talc, glauber's salt, gypsum, etc.More than 20 kinds of minerals, in terms of quantity or quality both have obvious advantages, there is strong international competitiveness.But china's per-capita mineral resources have a low per capita is only 58% of the world, the world no.53.(2) most of the mineral resources of poor quality, weak international competitiveness.The main mineral resources with foreign countries, china's mineral resources, the quality is not ideal.Consider grade ore, ore type, ore xuanye the performance of a combination of factors, such as china's gold, potassium salt, oil, lead, zinc for the quality of the medium; coal, iron ore, manganese ore, copper, bauxite, sulfur, the quality of phosphate rock in the worst status.Generally speaking, the bulk of china's mineral resources, especially mineral shortage of poor quality, in the international market less competitive, restricting its development and utilization.(3) a number of important mineral shortage or lack of proven reserves.China's oil and natural gas, iron ore, manganese ore, chromite, copper, bauxite, the potassium and other important mineral shortage or lack of proven reserves, the major consumer of mineral resources, foreign dependence on large, 2006 china's consumption of imported oil dependence has reached 47.3 percent.(4) of the total composition of the complex (with) mine health and more, greatly increasing the development and utilization of technology.According to statistics, there are a total of more than 80 kinds of minerals (with) mine health to the most common non-ferrous metals.For example, the chinese lead-zinc (with) up to more than 50 kinds of components of health, only in the lead-zinc silver on the national bank reserves accounted for 60% of output accounted for 70%; unfamiliar with up to large-scale, the large copper deposit there block 10, national 76% of the associated gold and associated silver 32.5 percent came from copper and so on.Although the total (with) mine health and the potential value of a larger, even more than the value of the major components, but the development and utilization of technology is also more difficult, xuanye is complicated and costly.The region is also leading in its output of some key mineral products and non-ferrous metals among its major industrial products.The region's output of nickel, mercury accounts for 99%, 84% and 72% respectively, of china's total output, while that of phosphorus deposits, aluminum and natural gas accounts for nearly 50% of the country's total output.The output of other mineral products, however, only accounts for a small proportion of china's total output.The western region of china(jaw crusher ) has a rather vulnerable ecology.Eco-deterioration is emerging in the loess plateau, the south-western karst mountainous area and the desert area.Environmental protection is therefore crucial when exploiting mineral resources in this region.Jaw crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/1.Html rock crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Htmlchina cone crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/4.Html.

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