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Domestic Developments Of Crusher

The immense market in china attracts the eyeball of mining machinery enterpriser on investment.Many well-known mining machinery enterprises enter chinese market only in three months, of which sweden sandvic, japan komatsu company build base in china.The enter of world top 10 mining machinery manufacturers capturing almost 85% market share will must impact on china market greatly.Only develop new technology high-end products can keep the stable status of china crusher and other mining machine.According to the special research centre for china's market economy survey, the number of new authorized lime stone, granite quarries,fluorite ore is up to 200.For each one that investment below 10 million yuan, it will bring 100 mining machines demand.So ,the huge demand generated by infrastructure construction is the main factor of boosting the mining machinery development.Surpassing north american market to be the largest exporter during 2008-2009, china accounts for 50% in world market.But a series of disadvantages still existed in china crusher industry.Many of china mining machinery enterprises still on the low-end.Up to 11,200 mine enterprises, average annual production capacity less than 300,000 tons.What's worse, source waste and environment pollution, backward technology and so on are the common problems, which reveals that mining machinery technology need to be improved.Recent years, oweing to the technology support from western country, the iron ore dressing technology, especially on crushing,grinding and so on improves dramaticly.Jaw crusher is widely used in iron ore processing equipment, mainly used as sceondary crushing equipment, which can meet different design and product requests.In order to reach higher production efficiency, iron ore need to be as fine as possible, crushing to minimum size.While cone crusher can provide smaller size, from the whole process, it is the most economical way to finish crushing.What's more, its long life-circle is really a pluse.Now many present mining machinery enterprises still in the low end market.Take crusher for instance, proprietary brand accounts for less than 30% market share, majority of which are on the low end jaw crusher market.Medium and large crusher, cone crusher over 20t is zero.In conclusion, only develop new technology, develop brand products, move forward to highend market can our domestic crusher never be defeated.Domestic current production are crushed crusher, impact crushing, grinding and other methods.Irregular shape of the material, generally the size of the material to measure the particle size, that is material to determine the pore size through.Raw materials and products based on particle size, the crushing process is divided into coarse pieces, crushed and broken bits in class 3.And there are jaw crusher, cone, roll or roller, rotor and hammer several.Broken jaw crusher mechanism of the larger materials move through the reciprocating jaw broken in large pieces of material between the moving jaw and static jaw crushed, broken so as to achieve the purpose of this mechanism more suitable than the broken large and has a brittle stone and is only suitable for rough crushing, production noisy, dust larger, less efficient.Mechanism of rotary crusher shaft and through the fixed jaw between the eccentric cylinder, the volume of space which led to smaller and smaller as the rotating shaft, then squeeze the grated bulk material, and can usually be installed lower mandrel 1 set of hydraulic servo device can adjust the size makes it broken, this broken form is usually a little broken for smaller and more brittle material is broken breakage, broken jaw crusher greater than the noise, but its structure is more closed, dust much smaller than the former, efficiency is higher.Roll crusher crushing mechanism is the relative rotation of large objects broken by the two rollers squeeze broken, usually with a motor or two motors driven by belt drive 1 or 2 reducer, speed reducer output torque, driving to do two opposite rolling roll crusher, roller set with tooth shape, tooth shape generally more pointed, which makes the material more easily broken when broken.Roll crusher higher efficiency and less noise.

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