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Economic Benefits Of Ball Mill Open An International Market

For mechanical industry, the main equipment we need is mineral processing equipment in the market at present, and our country can essentially manufacture the equipments.The primarily time of ball mill import is lost.However, compared with foreign countries, the overall level of ball mill is not high in our manufacturing industry, and the technology space we need to improve is still very big.As we have learned that domestic mining equipment can be better to meet the user's general demand in building material, metallurgy, electric power and other fields.At the same time, the price is also quite reasonable.Because the large size of mining equipment, most of the equipments need to be installed and commissioned and after-sales service after they purchase equipments.In the eyes of the international customer, our mechanical production technology cannot be better than germany, japan and other advanced country, but level of fine workmanship of equipment production is higher, the cost is also higher in mineral processing equipment industry, but the price of equipment can only conform to the populace expense market demand, and has no independent highs.It is also wise of customers to take a fancy to the low price sales model of our manufacturers.The export mining equipments of our country have ball mill, ceramics ball mill, energy saving tube ball mill.The export area is mainly southeast asia, the philippines, south africa and other developing countries, and have opened the door of the european and american market.Ball mill's the improved economic benefit: after improvement, material conveying uniform, and improves the production efficiency.The ball no longer block spiral groove, without the leakage phenomenon of feed, feeding capacity by improved before 12t / h to20t / h.Ball mill feed screw barrel after improvement, when output has reached13-15 ton, according to the production5t / h computing, year can obtain economic benefits 110000 yuan, and the renovation costs only 3000 yuan.The ball mill is a kind of important fine grinding equipment; this equipment is widely used in cement industry.The mill because the cylinder is longer, can make the material in the mill is grinding time is longer, to obtain the product fineness is high.Ball mill the mode of production, specifications, discharge, supports and rotates the mode of different were divided into many types, but the structure is largely the same, mainly by the following basic components.Cone crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_19.Htmlcone crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/4.Html 1, feeding device comprises a feeding hopper, a spiral feeding tube, or feeding cone.2, both ends of the main bearing support device.3, the rotating part comprises a hollow shaft, and a grinding mill cylinder bin isolation board, liner board, material retaining ring and other components.4, unloading device edge discharge, discharge, intermediate discharge center.5, rotation device edge rotation and the center rotation in two forms, including the main motor, motor, reducer, a rotating shaft and rotating the size of gear edge.Ball mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Html.

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